Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sacking Apron .. and The Smell of Freshly Baked Bread

Hello there ....
well ... the wind has howled and the rain has lashed ...
what a day.

Whats a girl to do ... housework is a bit of a bore.

I had a mind to make myself an apron ... but not just any apron..

I wanted one like you read about in novels ...when the children ran indoors to find.. 'mother enveloped in her large apron smelling of freshly baked bread'....

Or 'half pint' ran in from the Prairie and Mama scooped her up in her large apron .. who remembers 'Little House On The Prairie' ..?

Anyway ....

I had these nice.. good strong linen vintage tea towels that I wanted to use for something... just loved the vibrant vintage-y colours .. and the quality of the fabric is amazing.

So in the spirit of 'Make Do and Mend' ... 
'Waste Not Want Not' ..
and all that ....
and the fact that out on the Prairie aprons would have been made from any old sacks and what not....not that we live exactly on a prairie ....well ... not at all really ... but anyway ...lets not let a little thing get in the way of me wanting a big 'enveloping' apron!

So I made an apron from the tea towels.

Its very large and 'enveloping' ... and certainly very jolly...
and it will keep me clean when baking .... less flour down the front of me jumper ... not a good look..

Whether I would get arrested if I walked down the street is another matter ... I don't think they would understand about 'half pint' and 'enveloping' garments. 
Probably lock me up and throw away the key.  

This little lady came to stay the other day ... I found her dumped in a box .. unwanted .. unloved.
She is in need of some tender repair and a good wash .. then she can while away her days with the rest of our gang..

Don't know her name as yet ... she is very shy
...any ideas?

Well I've had enough of this wind and rain .. I'm off to bed.

Take care x 


  1. I think your apron is great, if they lock you up you can call me, I'll bail you out!
    Its so sad to think this pretty little bunny ended in the trash, all that work knitting her to toss her, thats sad,

  2. Love the apron! and that little rabbit looks like she is a Bronwen or Arianwen!!!

    Love n hugs

    Natalie xx

  3. Your apron is gorgeous, what a clever idea :)
    The pretty bunny? My guess is Florence or Lavender.

  4. Love the apron Victoria,you are clever! The little rabbit is adorable, how could anyone leave her unloved? Made me think of The Velveteen Rabbit .... she'll be perfect for Easter I think.

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day, whether you partake or not!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. I like your apron, missus. Well done! Mabel. xx

  6. Love the apron.
    I think the rabbit should be called "mouse" she looks a bit timid.

  7. Funny you should ask, I have been listening to "Little house in the big woods" and "Little house on the prairie" on audio book, while I've been working on my latest quilt :-D

  8. wonderful design for the apron

  9. I love your apron. I also love The Little House on the Prairie books, I read them all again a few years ago and sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong century :-)

    Kay xx

  10. I hope you enveloped the little lady up in your enveloping apron and gave her loads of love as you popped her in the wash!
    Love from Mum

  11. Hello Victoria,

    Only me again! Thanks for popping over to me, and regards the hotty cover:

    I made it up as I went along! Just made 10 squares, joined them up into a bag shape and then just went round and round the top in stripes until it covered the stopper. Made a chain using both colours and threaded through. Hope this helps! xx


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