Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Simple No Nonsense Thrifty Food ...... And Grannies Cushion.

Hello there ... hope all is well with you ... just fine ere..

Tell you what ... this snow has been a bit of a blessing for me ... this not being able to get out means I have had time to sit by the fire and sew...hurrah!

I managed to finish my little Grannie Ivy cushion.
I backed the knitted squares (sewn together) with some plain cotton and kinda quilted them together to give it strength. 

 And then did a bit of simple embroidery over the seams to ..well.. just because I thought it looked pretty really.

 The backing is perhaps a bit loud and 'full on' for the rustic nature of the front ... but to be honest ...it was the first ... most easily accessible piece of fabric I could find ... 
The thought of dragging out all the cases which I have carefully stashed my fabric was just too much

Anyway its clean and cheerful piece of fabric .. French I believe...and it does the job.
As you may have noticed I have just done a very basic job and will simply slip stitch the opening together now the cushion pad is in place. 
Lazy maybe but its just for me ... and I did hand stitch it all ... how else could I stay glued to the fire.
So there we are Grannie Ivy .... hope you like how your handiwork has turned out.

Monday we went shopping to replenish stocks ... not a lot ... just basics really 

Last week I found the Mince and we still have some of that in the freezer ... so this week I fancied something a bit different ...but as thrifty-ly priced, we were in Lidl again.
I thought I would have a bit of this... Bacon Bits ...only this pack consists of two solid pieces ...like ends of rolls. About £2.26-ish  a pack (1 kg) ... a lot of bacon for your money.
So how far can we stretch it ... that's the question..

Hubby P was a bit dubious until I suggested a bacon and egg pie ... that brought a smile to his face ... 

As you know its all basic food here ... so being Tuesday ...a work day ... and me tired ... it was a simple tea.
I peeled a few potatoes before we went out this morning ... so this evening I just had to slice a bit of the bacon bits ... few mushrooms for Richard (veggie) and throw in a pan with a bit of onion.
So nice buttered potatoes.. bacon and a egg ... made a nice change.
Just be warned ..if anything it was a bit salty ... so no need to add salt to any dishes .. but good value and a change from mince.
I used under a quarter of the bacon so lots left for.....
 bacon and egg pie
bacon hotpot
bacon and beans .. type thing

....and what else ....any ideas?

Take care ....bye for now x


  1. I have been having a heck of a time trying to access your blog. Finally I am able to post. Love the cushion cover.

    Ceaser salad with bacon is yummy along with garlic bread.


  2. bacon in potato soup!!!

  3. Oooh I love your cushion! Soo beautiful!

    And the meal sounds good too! :-)

  4. I love the cushion - what a fantastic use of the squares. Bacon in a tomato sauce with pasta? We used to enjoy that when we ate meat. I also used to make leeks and bacon in cheese sauce with a breadcrumb topping, or pea and 'ham' soup.

  5. Hello Vicky, the cushion is lovely and Granny Ivy would be thrilled that you've finished off her little project!

    We like chicken, bacon and mushrooms with pasta and creamy sauce made from Philly ... but only if I can get all the ingredients on offer!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. your patchwork pillow is lovely, I really like the way you embroidered along the seams.
    I am a veggie but for my husband I buy the "cooking bacon" from Sainsburys, its about £1 and always big chunks. As he is Irish he like bacon cabbage and potatoes all done in the same pot.

  7. I like the cushion, it looks like it would feel very warm and snuggly, and the fabric on the back is beautiful!
    Judy xx

  8. I buy 'savers' pasta - only about 40p a bag, and make a sauce with tinned toms and bacon bits. M x

  9. Love your cushion, it has inspired me to find some knitted squares I have stashed away and totally agree that sometimes the weather gives us a good excuse to relax and take things slower, simple pleasures in a world that always seems to be in such a hurry. On the bacon front I highly recommend Lentil and bacon soup - soften onion preferably in butter if you have it add small bacon bits and then add 8oz lentils and a litre of hot water with a couple of chicken stock cubes added plus a half teaspoon of dried thyme, simmer for 45 mins and enjoy - yummy! especially on a cold day.

  10. Love the cushion! I think your bacon is different from ours in the US.., so I would be no help with recipes....currently housebreaking a corgi puppy, so not a lot of sewing right now....need tp pull the knitting out, as long as I can keep her from thevyarn..everything is a game!

  11. Wow, I love the knitted cushion with the embroidery detail! :)

  12. What a fabulous job you`ve done with that cushion! I would use some of the bacon bits in a bacon and tomato omelette. Stuff some large open cupped mushrooms with bacon bits, chopped onion, garlic and grate cheddar before baking in the oven. Serve them with mash or a salad.

  13. Try Delia Smith's Macaroni Cheese with Leeks and Bacon, it's really tasty and very filling. Nice with a bit of salad and garlic bread.

  14. I too really noticed the embroidery detail to the cushion. So unique and comfy looking

  15. Ummmm...... Pesto, spinach, Parmesan and pinenut pasta with a touch of bacon. Bacon and split pea soup. Spag carbonara. Caesar salad with crispy bacon. Gnocchi with mushroom, bacon and Tom sauce. Endless possibilities yum yum !


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