Saturday, 19 January 2013

Its That Siege Mentality ....

Hello there ...
 this enough snow for you then!

Its certainly a white world out there.
We have had lots ... pretty.. but cold ... and the stuff melts all over the floor!

This was yesterday as it was coming down.

 The sky was dark and thick with swirling snow .... magical.

And it just to be the day we had ordered a delivery of logs.....

Do you like Hubby P's 'bright and cheerful' new work gear! 
It was the only pair of overalls Father Christmas could find in his size..... of course Hubby P swears its a ploy on my part to keep track of him in the garden ....
as if I could lose him!

Today it was white all over.... a world muffled to the everyday...
a day for sitting by the fire and playing with my Grannie squares.

Hubby P helped the neighbours clear paths and whatnot ... of course he was a prime target for the snowballs ... not that he didn't give as much as he got.

Whilst Richard and Uncas sorted us out and made the route to the woodshed less hazardous.

I dolled about with the camera for a while.... still in my pj's I'm afraid ... and of course my boots ...
Its been that kinda day.

 I felt the stirrings yesterday ...and by this afternoon I was in full 'siege mode' had snowed ... we were snowed in .... a Girl just has to make bread!
Its something I remember well from being a girl...we were often snowed in when living in the wilds of Lancashire.
 Mum always had a store cupboard well stocked and we would make bread and soups and warming stews .... to warm the body and feed the soul.

So we had bread for tea ... 
great steaming ....still warm from the oven ..
..chunks of it
 ...spread thickly with wonderful Welsh butter.

And jam sponge pudding .... its the law on a cold and snowy day!

With lashings of custard!

So ....what kicks in your 'siege mentality' and how do you cope?

Take care ..... bye for now xx 


  1. Power cuts kick start my siege mentality,I really like them LOL, lighting the house by candles, heating with the fire and wood stove,listening to the wind up radio, reading by headlamps, and opening jars of preserved foods to heat up on top of the wood stove.One time the power came back on and I didn't tell Ian for several hours - I was having too much fun :)

  2. Usually pouring rain here. A couple of years ago it snowed quite a lot here in Lancashire, on went the fire, out came the blankets and candles. Radio on, good book, the only thing missing was some of your pudding! It looks delicious. I did manage to make applecrumble a few days ago.
    Keep warm!
    Wendy x

  3. We haven't had snow yet Vicky, but I'd be like you and bake! Filling the house with lovely smells, and sitting by the fireside eating it all ... bliss!

    Enjoy it while it lasts xxx

  4. Such a warm and cozy, homey feeling about your pics. :)

  5. I like you laws, I'm moving to Whales!!

  6. OOh that pudding looks wonderful!

    I liked P's outfit, just like Santa's little helper :-)

  7. Brilliant! Love the pictures. Here it would also be snow. Or rain, of which we get lots in Holland.

    I bake as well. Nothing like lovely fresh crusty bread coming out of the oven.

    And ooh your pudding looks lovely!!

  8. Fabulous pud and fabulous overalls too. I wonder if I could persuade my husband that orange is this year's colour? His navy ones are totally outclassed!

  9. Listening to the radio and baking some delicious comfort foods is deffinately a must when you are snowed in. Have not been snowed in for about 35 years. It was lovely, though as I remember. Was on holiday in Scotland then. Just bliss, to hack the ice from a well every morning to fill a kettle and boil it on an old Aga. Three feather duvets on the bed in our unheated bedroom at a B&B, with two hot water bottles tucked in each night. Lashings of lovely porrage with cream as breakfasts and wading through waist high snow drifts to reach the general store in the village of Garve, near Dingwall. Best ever holiday I ever had!!!

  10. Stay in, don't get dressed, keep warm and read, crochet, bake and tickle about the house.
    Love from Mum
    PS Please stop showing delicious food on your blog. It's not helping our diet!!!
    Love from Mum

  11. And it hardly ever snows on Anglesey! When I was lived it snowed for the first time in 16 years according to my neighbour.
    Here in lancashire we have a sprinkling.

    That jam sponge looks good. Bet it was tasty!

  12. Hooray the snow arrived here last night and we had a snow day off school. What a fab way to spend my birthday scoffing chocolate cake in my PJs :)
    My answer to cold weather is stew and dumplings !!
    I like P's red overalls, tell him he looks very manly.
    lots of love
    Twiggy xx


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