Monday, 19 November 2012

'Use It Up Fruit' .... Marmalade...

Hello there...
thank you so much for all the helpful comments on how to 'use up' the thrifty fruit .... lots of ideas there.... we can't be having any waste.

I made a start with some of the fruit.
I quickly Goggled lemon and lime marmalade and found a simple easy recipe .... one of Delia's I think...and got cracking.

Well ... chopping actually ... I even roped in Hubby P ...although he did tend to chop the fruit rather thickly my opinion ... its a contentious issue.
And I must add ... using a term the boys were oft heard to make use of ... He chops lemons like a Girl!

Lots of moaning about the lemon juice getting into all the little cuts on his hands.

 But we got there in the end.
I used lemons (6)...limes (7)... an odd orange and an odd grapefruit.

It made quite a lot and I had to scrat about a bit to find some jars ... bit of an odd assortment of jars but they do the trick.

I still mis calculated and ended up with too much marmalade for jars .... so we have a breakfast dishful in he fridge ... needs to be eaten up ...shame!
Marmalade is quite cloudy (just like Delia's picture ) and tastes quite sharp and strong ... like real food should nice on some toast with real butter first thing in the morning ... or for supper ...or marmalade sponge pudding with creamy custard ... or ..well ... anytime really.

Still lots of fruit to use up ... I've ordered extra eggs and value butter from Tesco ...thought I might make some Lemon Curd.

Keep the good ideas a commin ... just a shame I can't share this bounty with you all.


  1. The marmalade looks good, I'm not too keen of having the peel in the marmalade though.

    Good use of all that fruit though. Love lemon curd.


  2. looks so good! Made lots as well, that lemon curd sounds lovely, I was just looking at a micro wave recipe for lemon curd today, I might try it that way this time,

  3. I love finding creative uses for gluts of fruit. I haven't seen Delia's marmalade recipe. I love i with lots of peel.

  4. Looks delicious. You just cannot get shop bought marmalade that tastes as good as homemade, not even the really expensive stuff. Love the idea of marmalade sponge and custard.


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