Sunday, 18 November 2012

Todays Gift ... Ust It Up Fruit...Any Ideas.?..

Hello there....
We've just got back from selling at the carboot sale....Brr it was cold...but nice and sunshiny.
I sat in the fresh air ... warm fleecy hat and sunglasses ...with a view of the Snowdonia Mountains ... 
We had lots of nice chatty customers ... a nice way to make a living. 

And todays lovely gift ... a box of fruit from Colin the veg that needed using up.
So lots of lemons and limes ... any ideas on what to do with them? 
I shall have to do something with them tomorrow .. be a sin to let them go to waste.

Whilst I was there I bought another sack of spuds ... I do believe the weather men are forecasting nasty weather.. the 'worst winter in decades' .. or so someone told me.
Anyone else know anything about this?

So as my Grandmother would say ... 'when there is a crisis buy a bag of spuds'... 
then you can always make a cheap and nutritious meal... even if you are snowed in...and all lines of communication are down... the family has flu .. etc etc..
..There is always egg and chips
... Jacket potatoes
... potato and leek soup
... bangers and mash get the picture!   

Thank you for all your kind comments about the little chair ...
and yes.. it was sold on Saturday.
Its gone to live in a little cottage by the sea.

Please ...please give me some nice and easy ideas for the fruit...
I really must do something with it soon.



  1. For some reason my mind is all on cakes. Banana cake, Lemon Drizzle cake, Lime Tart...

  2. You could make some lemon curd and some lime curd. I'm drooling just thinking of home made lemon curd. I might have to make some myself now :-)I too think it's going to be a bad winter I even blogged about it because the birds where we live started flying away really early this year and the last time they did that it snowed and snowed and snowed. I wish they did car boot sales down here in winter, I love car boot sales but they stop doing them at the end of September ..... Kay x

  3. Lemon curd, Lime curd, lemon and lime marmalade. Banana loaf, lemon/lime drizzle cake, lemonade or better still, limoncello!

  4. As above plus mashed banana in milk.
    Love from Mum

  5. What about keylime pie for the limes, it's gorgeous and really simple :)

    The weather's going to be nasty tomorrow Vicky, but the rest of whats in the paper is hype, it's way too early to forecast, the weather the papers have claimed is going to happen.

  6. I just zest citrus fruit then juice them I freeze zest or juice noting 1 or 2 ready for when a recipe calls for zest or juice

  7. Lemon curd and tart au citron! If you could send them this way I'll pay by PayPal!!:-)

  8. All my suggestions have been said but you can't go wrong with a few jars of homemade lemon and lime curd in the pantry ..... unless it is a sticky lemon drizzle cake - yum!

  9. Glad the chair went to a good home. All my thoughts on the fruit have already been suggested.

  10. Mmmm yummy.. I would go with Lemon Drizzle, Lime & Coconut Cake Banana & Sultana or Banana & Walnut cakes. Lemon & Lime Curd, 4 fruit marmalade (orange, grapefruit, lemon & lime) Cut some lemon and lime slices and freeze for later G&Ts. Banoffe Pie. Lemon & Lime Cordial to have with sparkling water.

    Whatever you make I'm sure it will be delicious.

  11. Marmalade, lemon and lime curd, cakes, ooh the possibilities are endless!

    Glad the little chair found a home, knew it would though!

    Claire xx

  12. All my suggestions have already been made however you could always slice them and dry them and make Christmas decorations with them
    Do you remember what people used to do wit oranges - sticking cloves in them and putting them in a linen cupboard to dry out - well you could do that with some of the limes?
    Candid peel!
    Maderia cake with homemade peel.

  13. I just found you today, I will enjoy following along, I see some of my friends here, the talk of cakes is making me very hungry!! Best wishes from Canada

  14. I'd go with lemon tart (or citrus tart, so you could use the limes too) and citrus marmalade. But the idea of freezing the zest and juice is a good one too.

  15. Four-fruits marmalade would last you well into next year or would make lovely presents.


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