Tuesday, 13 November 2012

This Evenings Treat ....

Hello there .... had a good day?

I pulled the curtains closed early today ... it seems to go dark so early.... and sat by a warm fire ... the wind was whistling down the chimney.

I thought we would have a treat tonight. 

 I had to oven on to cook our meat for tea so I whipped up a sponge .... the old fashioned way I'm afraid .... I find it quicker than dragging out the electric mixer.

Last week Hubby P came home the proud purchaser of two Fray Bentos pies .... something we haven't had in years ... yes we enjoyed them as a change ... but it must be said ... very little meat in them.
Anyway I kept the handy little tins .... I'm sure the tins are smaller too.

Just the right size for a sponge pudding or two.

I used up what was left of a jar of Blackberry and Apple Jelly ... homemade of course (wonderful colour ) ... and spooned some in the bottom of the tins ... and then the sponge on top... and into the oven.

..... and there we have it ...
with a dollop of creamy custard ...
whats not to like.

And here is a random pic of a little corner ....
just whilst I had the camera in my hand ..

My special little boys ...

Take care  xx 


  1. I love reading your blog, makes me want to get out there and get things done. But I have been so lazy recently. I did manage to pickle the four beetroots that survived in the veggie patch and I made some passata out of all the wild cherry tomatoesa and I'm now wondering what to do with heaps of eggplants, any ideas?

  2. For janjan: make aubergine relish or chutney. Plenty of recipes on the net.

  3. Oh Vicky. Hot spongecakes and custard, such yummy winter comfort food! Haven`t had it for years. Used to make it for the kids after their dinner. Should realy have a go at it again.

  4. What a great use of an old pie tin. Good idea.

  5. Aww cute photo, I made an crapple crumble (old apples:) for tea and we had stew and dumplings too, you've got to fill up on stodge in the Winter - well that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it !!
    twiggy x

  6. Off topic but just wanted to say thank you for the tuppeny house received on Monday. It's very quaint :-)
    Computer hiccups here but will post about it asap.
    Oddny x


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