Monday, 12 November 2012

Damp and Dreary ... With Thrifty Wood ..

Hello there...

Bit nippy here ... thankfully I have a good fire going... and Thrifty at that.

Hubby P had a good week in the 'rubbish-y furniture' collecting department ... and gathered together this heap. 

We have got into the habit of refusing nothing ... people give us all sorts of things ... usually they are unable or cannot be bothered to dispose of it themselves. A lot of it is good useful stuff .. Hubby P stashes it away until he has a use for it ... mending/revamping etc
As I said this week was a good harvest of old furniture ... good burning wood.

This morning he had a sawing up session.
It all burns well and bulks out the logs we burn on the woodburner... logs are expensive ... so a night or two of thrifted wood is not to be sniffed at.

Percy the woodpidgeon kept us company in the garden..

Here he is helping himself to the dog food in Uncas's dish.

Uncas was too busy 'helping' me ... getting under my feet as I tried to sweep up the soggy leaves from the paths.

Leaves ... leaves and more leaves ... 

To be honest it was only a quick rough sweep ... after all it will be as bad as ever next week .
Although they were a bit soggy ... there were pretty colours to be seen....

....and little gems hiding in the hedgerows... silvery pennies blowing in the breeze.

A splash of ruby red by the gate to catch the milkman's eye !


 The green is still very green .... if you know what I mean ..
 can't say we have had any real frost..
... and just look how pretty this moss looks ... 
... I do so love moss... 
 ...gradually cloaking the old shabby boots ..
.... boots with a tale to tell ...
..of a life well lived.

So what have you been up to ... many leaves?



  1. Free firewood is great isn't it :) We are currently burning my mum's old shed as kindling.

  2. Old wood furniture is usually great for burning on the wood stove. Ours is now on 24/7.

    I ran our lawn tractor over the leaves on Sunday and that will have to do!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Not many leaves in the garden here but I've still got a bit of veggie garden to clear. Have you picked any of the Honesty? They look great in a vase - and don't need watering!
    Love from Mum

  4. There was about a foot deep layer of leaves on the ground but they have been raked up and composted for now! Lots of trees down from the storm (neighbor's trees have smashed my new pasture fencing on one side, but unfortunatel they are white pine and we cannot burn them in our woodstoves (too much pitch) the cooler days so I don't feel guilty when I stay in to sew!!


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