Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stocking Up And Making Pennies..

Hello there ...
Just though you should have a little bit of a blog .... not a lot to report really ... the days have been chilly and a little dreary ...
But today we had sunshine!

And a good job too..

 We had this lot delivered ... stocking up for the cold weeks ahead... prices have gone up ... but then hasn't everything.
This lorry/trailer load was £130 ... it seems a lot but it is the only fuel we buy (apart from electricity.. the use of which can be a contentious issue with Hubby P's 'very careful' attitude to using it).

Is this an average price do you think? .... for the wood..

Luckily ... as I said it was a nice day and it gave us the chance to potter about and do some outside jobs.
Can't remember what Hubby P is doing here ... but I think he has a paintbrush in his hand. 

We ... well Hubby P mostly.. soon had them stacked away in the woodshed .. I have a very important role as Supervisor and 
tea boy...tea person? ...these days. Besides ... apparently no one else quite stacks them (the logs) as well Hubby P... not that I mind in the least. 

What else have I been upto ... well ...
 Bit thin on the old 'Pin Money' at the moment .... I spent what I had in my pot ..paypal .. on the last Approved Foods order ... so I thought I should try and generate a bit.

I had a bit of a scrat about the house ... turned out some cupboards ... its amazing the stuff your hoard/keep for a rainy day.

I found these pretty napkins ...nice and lacy ...not really something I would ever use ... with my house of men.
So ...
Bung um on ebay ... turn um into more pennies... for more essentials from App Foods and the like .. 

Likewise these funky retro cushion covers ... someone;; somewhere will enjoy them.
And at the moment it the funds I need ... just like so many of us ... we need a bit of savings behind us....this winter may be a hard one. 

Speaking of which ... have you got your spuds in?

We had chips 'n gravy for lunch today .... real outdoor-sy  food ....
it kept Hubby P going ... lot of logs in a lorry load!

You stocked up then?



  1. Love those lacy napkins, so pretty! Something I would like but also never use. Totally opposite weather here, we are sweltering with 40 degrees C (a real hot stinker!), threats of bushfires and lightning strikes. Cheers Judy xx

  2. Yikes- I think my cupboards are like yours! Things I have picked up at flea markets over the years....I need to clear out, is beginning to bother me having so much stuff..
    We have a decent pile of wood, due to a large oak that fell down at our neighbors and was gifted to us.After a LOT of hard work, it was divided up between us and our due to Hurricane Sandy we have a few more trees to cut up and share out!
    Stay warm!Snowy and frosty- trying to get rid of bronchitis...

  3. Spuds are £7.50 a sack for Maris Pipers from the local farm shop. They charge nearly £2 in Asda for a tiny bag.
    I'm not sure how much wood is but I do know when we lived on the island near you coal was a LOT cheaper than round here.
    We beg ours from a furniture shop near us that deals in rejects Get loads free. Also a self employed carpenter brings us sacks full.
    Always worth asking around.

    Well done you for doing more ebay listings. I hate doing them but seeing the money in the paypal account is a good feeling.

  4. Our last load, delivered in June (!) thats when the stove was installed, was £85. I have a funny feeling we were buying our own wood back as sometime ago the same chap cut down a load of leylandii we inherited when we bought the house in 2011. But, hey ho, we reckon that load will get us through to the New Year. Tho I have my doubts!

  5. I live in rural France where logburners and fires are the norm. A corde of wood costs me €135, which is slightly less than you are paying, but your logs look great - all even sizes etc. I get loads of oddments and not always all oak...

    Prices also include the delivery charge and my wood comes from only 1/2 mile away...

  6. Was just thinking about you and P yesterday when we saw the floods in Wales, Twiglet said he hopes you're ok :) and so do I !! Keep cosy.
    Twiggy x

  7. On average hardwood logs here are £65 a ton delivered. Not sure how much you have there - 2 tons?. They do look lovely though neatly stacked and ready for winter.

  8. They say it will be a hard winter and it looks like you are prepared!
    It is amazing what you can sell on eBay, I know a girl that makes a living out of it! Xxx

  9. I saw the cushion covers on here and bought them! Can't wait to get them!

  10. Hi, Just ran across you blog, and am enjoyig it.

    In the States we pay $150 dollars per cord of wood.

    It seems less over here, but heck we live in Pennsylvania, which means Penn's Woods, so there are a lot of trees here and should be even more for the coming year after Hurrican Sandy blew over tens of thousands of trees.

    Lil Bit Brit


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