Saturday, 24 November 2012

New Lady in the House ...

Hello there...
What to give you today ....

I refuse ... simply refuse to give you grim ...miserable .. news of the wet and windy-ness 'stuff' going on outside...

I have closed the curtains against it ... and refuse to think about it until I have to venture out again tomorrow morning at 4.30am.

So ... here to delight you is my new Lady...

Isn't she a devine...

A present from the lovely Hubby P ....I think she was supposed to be for my Christmas ... but he's pretty hopeless at keeping things for the day ...he just wants to delight me with his gifts straight away ...

So she arrived this last week ... its hard to tell on this photo but she is a mirror.  

 A perfect addition to my wall of mirrors ... just lovely
Although the 'children' roll their eyes and talk of the strangness of having photos and pictures of 'odd.. unrelated.. dead people' staring back at them from the walls.

I lit my candles this afternoon and had a quiet couple of hours to myself ... Hubby P was off delivering ... something ..bed or furniture or something ...quite boring .. it must have been.. I can't remember.
Anyway the candle light set her off beautifully.

Talking of light and loveliness I found this pretty lamp today.

Well I found the lampshade on a car boot stall (where else?) ...
the lovely ladies of the NSPCC were having a stall to raise funds and the lampshade was mine for £2.

I had a rummage about our stall/stock until I unearthed this lamp base (I knew we had it somewhere) .... and put the two together..
  pretty .    

Ideal for my windowsill,,, gives a nice warm glow.

And what I would like to ask you is ... what about the Lady...we can't just keep calling her 'the Lady'...

..who do you think she looks like ?
.. does she look like your Aunt Peggy?
..a glamorous screen idol?

What shall we call her ....any ideas?



  1. I would call her Lady Sarah. How lucky she is to adorn your wall of mirrors. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. LOL She looks like Doctor Who's wife - River Song.

    Deffo an actress, Lavinia Delahey.

  3. Heh, I have a few *adopted ancestors* too, no harm in it! I think she looks like a Flora. And whoever she was, she would no doubt be astonished and pleased that she is still being appreciated today.

  4. Looks like a Betsy to me.
    Love from Mum

  5. She looks remarkably like my Grandmother, Edith. There is a photograph of her in my parents house from when she was around 20ish and it still mesmerises me looking at it. So hard for me to collate this youthful woman with the old lady I knew.

  6. Beryl. Never ever known anyone called Beryl, but I bet she was! Where on earth did he find the picture/mirror? Amazing.


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