Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just a Quicky ... baking today and .. Little Sis Travels Again!

Well Hello there... just a quickie whilst Hubby P is off picking up more stock for the weekend. 

Its nice to have the odd quiet hour to myself...

I had a notion to make some Mincemeat for Mince pies ... it getting near that festive time ... and anyway they are nice anytime ... especially with custard.

 Turfed all the ingredients out that I 'knew I had in the cupboard' ... no Mixed spice ... Oh bother .... I'm all fired up now for the making.
Well what would they do in the War?.... use what they had ... so its a bit of a codged up job .... It has spices in it ... just not the stated 'Mixed Spice'.

Looks just fine .... let you know what it tastes like.

Made some yummy Mocha Squares .... I was inspired by Faith  Hope and Charity Shopping blog .... sorry I'm no good at the link-y thing.
As you can see Hubby P was lurking and before I had finished cutting it into squares he was off with a bit.

It is all rather yummy.

Wandered outside half an hour ago to bring in the washing...

One or two nice splashes of Autumn colour..

How do you like my bedstead .... it was just a lone thing ... the remains of a bed ... looking for a home .... it can rest in the garden .. just looking ... well .. beautiful..

   Just wanted to mention my sister and her partner... they are seasoned travellers of the world and ... well ... live to travel.
This last year they have seen their livelihood ... earning power.. diminish as have many people.... and decided to finally sell up... every last thing ... 
and travel through America ... Mexico and on to Belize. Somewhere along the line .. at some point they will have to settle on a plan/somewhere to make a new life.

There is of course a lot more to this story than these few sentences ... and if you are intrigued as many are I have ....
da da (drum roll!!!) 
....managed to do a link-y to their blog...

Look at my side bar ,,,, On To Plan B .... Two Brits and a Hungarian Drug Addict.
I know I should be able to Link it here .. but one thing at a time.....

Any of you Girls across the Pond spot them give them a wave ...
must say I do miss her.

Must go ... bye for now (let me know if you visit their blog .. and what you think) 


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  2. Mmmm,send a piece of that Mocha over, please. It sounds as if you're sister has made a life changing decision. I do hope she enjoys it. Will take a look at her blog.


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