Monday, 1 October 2012

A Little Bird House For My Soul ....and ..Apples!

Hello there ... hope you've all had a good few days.

'A  little Bird House for my Soul'
Yes ...
I just love the idea of pretty little bird houses and bird cages ... not that for a minute I would like to cage a bird ... I like to see them fly free... 

Ahhh.... but the artistry than went into the vintage cages..
... what girl could resist!
This larger one (above) I have had for a while ... its not a good pic but maybe you can see the sweet little budgies it has painted on the glass panels. I've put a few crystal chandelier drops inside .. to catch the light.

And just how cute is this ... little seed drawer ... I was so excited when I saw this ... its just so ....well itsy bitsy cute *

Hubby P spotted these and bought them for me ... for me to keep! So often these days I find he's hidden stuff in the van because its 'stock' sell on ...well....I know really... he's got to make a living and .... well ... I can't have EVERYTHING! ....
 I do 'borrow stuff ... for a while ... but then again the house is only so big ...

But these little bird cages really did have my name on them so they had come home ... and ! .... Hubby P put on his 'Glamorous Assistant hat' to help with the placing of them ... well I pointed and he screwed in the ceiling hooks ... rather nice vintage-y hooks I might add .... from his 'special stash'.

Whilst we were on a roll .... I persuaded him up a ladder to pick what remains of the Apple harvest ...haha

Not altogether confident ... 'you'll be fine' says I ...holding the ladder with one hand whilst wielding the camera with the other..

 ..boring stuff holding ladders.
Looking about me 'Gawping' ... as Hubby P so cruelly put it ... I did notice one or two bright spots in the garden ...

.... this rose was the most perfect yellow.

After all the hoo ha.... the apples were rubbish....
...just look at this one ... and most were just as bad.

This was all we got .... we might get a couple of crumbles out of them if we are lucky.
 Have you had any luck with your apple trees?

I read somewhere that some early fruiting Apple trees are in blossom now ... they have taken the cold wet summer as winter and have come into blossom now... which they think is spring. When Huppy P was up the tree he said there was one or two blossoms. If they flower now it means no fruit next year...
 Strange seasons ...

Just had to share this with you ... so sweet... I picked it up the other day.

I would like to think maybe it is a Disney fabric ... Bambi and what was the rabbit called ? I cant find any indication of who made it or designed it or whatever .... but it is so pretty.
It was in two pieces so as usual I have put one on ebay to recoup some of the cost and the other has been stashed away ... for now .. for a special .... something.

Oh... and yes ... I have been faffing about with the blog... thought it was about time I had a change ... dont know that its what I had in mind ... its all so complicated ... but I got to a point where I was fed up trying to work it out ... just hope you can read it okay.

Bye for now xx


  1. Awww just love those bird cages .. so pretty. None of our strawberrys came to fruit this year!! maybe next year ! x

  2. I saw a house the other day that had a bird cage in the garden full of flowering plants. It looked amazing!

  3. Thumper !!
    The bunny is named Thumper... he was always my fav.
    I was all agog when I stopped in today... the page was loading... loading... and I was seeing BLUE ??!??

    :blink: :blink-blink:

    The changes you made are lovely !! And that sky/turquoisey blue is one of my favorites...
    Good Job !!

  4. The bunny looks more like Thumper's girlfriend (who I think was called Flower) with those huge eyelashes!

  5. The rabbit has already been identified, so can't do that! Love those cages. Have just been having a rummage through my cupboards to see what I can part with (getting a bit crowded here!!). If your hubby's van was near by I would be too tempted to go looking through that! The fabric is lovely!

  6. Hello Vicky thanks for your comment about the slippers, I love your bird cages, I have one filled with candles.
    We have several fruit trees and a walnut, like you, we had a poor harvest this year and the jackdaws and squirrels are taking what they need, so nothing for us this time!

  7. we had no apples this year due to an early heat wave in Spring followed by freezing cold weather.

    Gill in Canada

  8. LOVE your bird cages!

    We don't have apple trees but we're going to the local apple orchard this morning to pick our own. Hope they have some good ones though a hail storm hit them hard a while back. I plan to make apple crisp with them. Love the Haralsons the best, tart, just like I like them.


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