Saturday, 16 June 2012

Woopy Carrot Soup ...and some random photo's from a rainy day!

Well what a rainy day .... miserable.... damp and cold.

I looked in the fridge for something cheering and was met by this....

 dodgy looking veg....
woppy carrots and sprouty spuds....that will teach me to go having Birthdays with lots of nice things to eat ....and ignoring the good wholesome veg....

I thought a good hearty soup was the answer....anyone would think it was the depths of winter!
So I dragged out all the dodgy,woppy, sprouty, wrinkly veg... chopped it up and sauteed it in a drop of oil, added a handful of lentils ... always a goodie ...lentils...and simmered it long and slow.

Funny ... but I was thinking how dingy and battered my old soup pan was ....its just the old bottom of a pressure cooker...lost its lid years ago. And to be truthful it really does look a bit grim...its clean but a bit tarnished with age ... but you know what makes the best soup ever.
Bit like me really ....looking a bit grim...bit tarnished round the edges...but still feel I've got what it takes ...hehe! 

Yummy soup ...I think the wrinkled old red pepper made it....really tasty... its all gone anyway!

So come on do tell ... what grim secret utensils do you keep stashed in your kitchen....what could you not do without ...or is it just me?

Just a few random pic's I thought you might enjoy....

I went with Hubby P to 'help' load the van for tomorrows trading...'help' being a very elastic word....
It involves a lot of 'pointing' on my side... so I spent the slack minutes when I wasn't needed (was in the way....maybe?)
...wandering about with the camera. 

Just a few vintage-y bits and bobs on the shelves in the 'Emporium'!

 Stock is always changing ...coming in and hopefully going I have lots of opportunity to 'faff around' ...a technical term picked up somewhere by Hubby P.....such a darling ... just as wall I'm rather fond of him.
.... I must admit it is a bit like playing shop.

Who remembers these old lipsticks .... such lovely old cases and creamy colours... and the smell of them ... remember the smell?
I'm sure it probably was made from something awful like whale blubber.... but 'those were the days' all seems so much more glamorous.

Back to the hum drum and washing day ....but how sweet is this little peg bag .... a bit battered but then again wouldn't you be stuck outside on a washing line for years!

Well here we are all loaded up .....just enough room for a few bits and bobs from home....completely over the top of course (in my opinion).... he has to unload all this at 6am then reload whats left later in the afternoon .... but he likes 'a good van load' ....'cant sell it if they cant see it' ....and all that!
Well ...bedtime now...early start and all that...
Bye for now xx 


  1. I did just the same today. A good pan of soup to use up all the "past it" veggies languishing in the bottom of the fridge.

    Your vintage goodies look fascinating. I hope your Fair goes well tomorrow. I remember my Mum having a bright orange lipstick with a strange but compelling smell. I hope it wasn`t whale blubber!

  2. Soup on the go here in New Zealand as well. Cold and sunny today but rain forecast for tomorrow's Walk. I may chicken out if it is too heavy.

  3. I've got some really grotty wooden spoons which smell of garlic. They add a 'delicate flavour' to my soups - just stir!
    Love from Mum

  4. I have the exact same pot, that I use for soup. I remember many years ago when it was a pressure cooker. My mom was cooking some split peas, if I remember well, and something happened with the moisture content, and the pressure gauge blew clean off and hit the ceiling, making a dent that remained there until they repainted several years later. This is my favorite soup pot, heavy and just the right size! Phil/Minnesota


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