Friday, 15 June 2012

Flowers ... Thanks and Thrifty Snippets!...Oh .. and a Wood Pidgeon

Here we are again ... back to the 'everyday' .... I had a super Birthday and I really must thank you all for your warm Birthday wishes.

The house is filled with flowers ... I just love flowers... and kind thoughtful people provided lots.. 

 Even Hubby P ventured into a shop and came home with flowers....

 Their lovely fresh scent fills the room....

 It was a good excuse to pull out all my mis matched vintage china ... so pretty...

But as I said back to the everyday .... Thrifting being a big part of most days...
Hubby P brought home a big bag of knitting wool... mostly odd balls which we bag up and sell 'at a bargain price' ... as Hubby P would say ... on the stall. 

Amongst the balls of yarn ... all colours ... all sizes ... was a bag of half knitted babies garments ... the pattern and the needles.
It struck me as quite sad... a little project abandoned ... what happened? Was it a Grandma who was suddenly taken ill? ... a little snippet of someones life..
I couldn't bear to waste all that good wool ... so I sat and pulled it all back.... wound into nice balls ready for another project.

As I sat winding away it took me back to my many hours had I sat with my Mother and Grandmothers.... unpicking and pulling back old jumpers to be knit up again. They did it without any thought .... it was just what you did ....nothing was wasted. 
How different life is today .... so much waste.

Oh .....and in the midst of all this Hubby P had to rescue a Woodpidgeon from the lane....he/she has been a car? or the Buzzard has tried for a meal. 

 Anyway it is resting quite happily it seems in an old basket for now seems quite lively and strong and is eating ... keep you posted...

Today is wet and dreary .... so much for weeding the garden as I had planned....
Hubby P is busy beavering away in his workshop (posh word for the shed).... He's restoring vintage furniture for sale ... it all looks so pretty I want to keep it...all .... but we do have to put bread on the table.

So I am sat doing something I have been itching to do for weeks...
I found this big bundle of pretty black lace ages ago .... in a box at carboot I think.


 There is so much of it I thought I would edge the bottom/hem of a rather boring plain black cotton skirt.

I use the cotton skirts in the winter too... they are used as petticoats under heavier skirts ....they and a pair of leggings and woolly socks keep me warm when I am hanging around a carboot sale during the chilly months.

A Girl needs a bit of lace to cheer her now and then ...and how nice to have a bit peeking out under your skirts!

Bye for now xx


  1. Poor old pidgeon. I hope he/she rwecovers. That lace looks nice. Please give a full picture of the finished product, if you can. Would love to see the full effect.

  2. I always wonder who owned things before and why they had to be given away. We'll never know. It's good to hear that you are making good use of the wool. Give Mr. Pigeon a stroke from me. Hope he's better soon.
    Love from Mum

  3. Glad you had a good birthday - and you are doing a sterling job with the yarns - my Grandmother always did this and I have been known too - but to my shame I threw out some knitting the other day I hadn't finished and ran out of patience pulling it back. I hope the pigeon recovers soon - I will be looking out for the updates - I still have my Geoffrey the mouse badge right here next to the computer!



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