Friday, 1 June 2012

Gathering Now For Winter ...

Lovely and sunny here .... yet the year still turns and I like to prepare as and when i can.

I've been saving the pennies for winter fuel... and today we had a load delivered.... all ready to sit and dry out ready for keeping us toasty warm during the cold months.

 Method in my madness ... I had it delivered whilst we had a strong bit of muscle about to do the carrying...

 Hubby P likes to stack the wood ... its akin to poetry for him ....... feeds his soul...
He will tell you how its so important to stack them just so... so they season well .... its just ... well of those satisfying jobs.

The woodshed was well cleared and swept out ready for the new load of wood.... its now half full so I will start saving again and get another load in a few weeks ... we aim to have the shed full to bursting ready for the winter.

Whilst 'we' were stacking the wood I faffed about with the camera ... and made tea ....THE most important job of course!

 I found this little fella in the water trough ... swimming for his life.
 He/she is a May Bug ... big and chunky .... not really got the looks either ... shame ...I'm sure he is a really nice bug .. nice personality and all that.
We dried him off...let him rest a while and let him go.

 This guy had loads of energy ... busy busy... a tiny wild bee filling his pockets to bursting point. He was so ladened it was a wonder he could take off.
So nice to see my 'wild' garden is benefiting the wildlife .... its fairly heaving with birds, bees and whatnot.

I just love the lush green of the garden at the moment... the scent of blossom on the makes up for all the cold dreary months.

How does your garden grow? any interesting visitors?

Have a nice weekend... lets hope the sun shines for the Queen!



  1. My thoughts have already turned to next season's logs....and we have also cleared a space for a load...but we are still saving.
    It's a lovely feeling isn't it

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! :0)

  3. We've already started next winters log pile but we get ours down by he river and canal :) It's good to see you back blogging Vicki

  4. Gosh, May bugs. I haven`t seen one for years. I remember them from my childhood.


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