Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Thrifty Pretties....

A day of Prettiness ... with a touch of Thrift ...

Just look at this pretty lace ... to think someone spent precious hours crocheting this to trim their pillowcase.... I wonder if it was made especially for a Brides 'Bottom Drawer' did it begin its life along side the married life of its maker?

 I unpicked it from an old pillowcase I have had for years... I think it came from my Grandmother with other bits and bobs. Anyway the pillowcase is past its useful life ( its off to join Hubby P's rag bag) ....and the lace lives on to charm and delight a little longer.

I had a good old day of unpicking and salvaging what I could .... buttons, zips, lace ... its all stashed away for another day.

 I must spend hours with my trusty unpicker ...

 This splendid cushion cover was found at a Car boot sale for pennies ... so pretty. I put it away because I didn't have a cushion pad for it ... so I was pleased when Hubby P came home with some tatty old cushions. He was intending to send them... with all the usual waste, boxes etc ... to the great landfill in the sky. 
I stripped the covers off ... the pads were perfectly clean (some had two or three covers one over another.... I unpicked the zips for future cushion making days... sent the old covers to the ragbag for greasy/paint-y hands.... and popped a cushion pad into the pretty cover.

Being of a certain vintage... the cover does not have a zip or fastenings... its simply slip stitched together. Its hard to imagine now ... but there was a time when Housewives thought nothing of unpicking things to wash them....often by hand .... dry them ....without a dryer ....iron them .... iron heated on the stove?... then sew them back up again!
 And to think she probably embroidered the whole thing in the first place!

And we think we're busy!

Anyway I had a very satisfying day .... and have a pretty cushion to show for it..... hope you all had a good day.

xx Bye for now xx


  1. I just put a bid on soe fabric on your ebay site. I make clothes for an 8 inch plush toy. It's going to be a shirt (as long as I win it!)


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