Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just To Say Hello .... A Few Photo's

Hello there .... its been a while... 

I thought I would just dip my toe in Blogland... try and get back into regular posts ... I have missed you all....

Just a bit of an update today ..... 

.... still this obsession with fabric...
yesterday I came accross an old cushion that was destined for the 'great landfill in the sky' .... a wonderfully faded old beauty, so I reclaimed what I could gave it a good wash and press ... and it will live on as part of my patchwork. 
I find it so satisfying ... unpicking and reusing ... or is it 'upcycling' these days.

The summerhouse we were building has come on, all nicely painted up, inside and out. 


It still awaits its curtains inside and a snall porch and step on the outside ... I have the curtains cut to size and half sewn ... and I have the curtain tracks ready to go up.... just waiting for a man with a screwdriver and a few spare minutes.

Speaking of spare minutes Hubby P has had very few... his Trading and Restoration work has kept him very busy. He has settled himself and his tools in the old summerhouse ... well up the garden path... almost hidden from view (no more noisy drills humming away outside my window) ... and there he mends and gives new life back to all kinds of lovely things.

Its my Birthday soon (shall we say a significant one) and Hubby P has restored this beautiful Victorian bench ... that I may sit and contemplate my garden in comfort.
 He has done such a good job considering it was just a heap of rusty metal and rotting wood when he brought it home.
He so enjoys the restoration side of the work ... he is a happier chap .... I feel it feeds his soul.

The Garden is still loved .... although sadly neglected....

I like to call it a wildlife garden these days .... with plenty of 'wildflowers' otherwise known as weeds ... well they all add interest and diversity ... isnt that a trendy word these days .... diversity!

We lost Charlie our cat ... he now resides in the 'big garden in the sky' or more proberably curled up on the 'big sofa in the sky'!
We burried him under the comfry .... comfry is doing well I noticed .... flowering already.
Sad times .... but the upside is we have a lot more birds visiting the garden.

So all is well with us .... we are battling on through these tough times .... still on with the thrifty living ... the make do and mend ... and taking good care of our loved ones ....

 ...... hope you are all well .... how does your garden grow? .... any new Thrifty Snippets to share?...
.... do let me know if you are still  'out there'.....

xx Bye for now xx


  1. Good to see you blogging again Vicky. I, for one, am still out here. Our garden is definitely a wildlife garden too. We have lots of tadpoles rapidly growing into froglets and a beautiful clematis montana flowering its heart out. I really should be out there gardening now the weather has improved but we're in the middle of having a new bathroom put in and keep having to go out for the day to use other people's loos! It'll be worth it when it's finished and I'm sure the frogs are enjoying the undergrowth :-)

  2. What a nice surprise to see your post! You have been missed! The summer house/garden house is just wonderful! I can understand how much happier your husband is, doing what he is doing now. I love working for myself and creating!

  3. Hello missus

    I was just thinking of you the other day as I know your birthday is some time near Twiglet's.
    Glad all is good with you, we are soldiering on although I do think someone has put an hex on Mr Twigs at the moment - hey ho.
    Will you send me your email address,so I can have a good catch up with you? This bloody new netbook seems to have scoffed my address book !!
    Take care
    Twiggy x

  4. Glad to see you back ... :0)

  5. Sorry to hear Charlie has passed on - I think it's lovely he has a resting place in your lovely garden where I'm sure he spent a lot of time doing what cats do.
    I've missed your posts so I'm very pleased to see to return.


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