Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hubby P At Work.... Valley Car Boot Sale


I just thought I would give you a peek into the working life of Hubby P ... the job that gives him so much satisfaction ... obviously being Hubby P it involves a lot of talking ... oops sorry! I mean Networking...

These pic's were taken at the Valley Car Boot Sale where Hubby is based.

Two shipping containers hold most of the stock and are set out a bit like a shop with the treasures handy to see...pick up and have a good old nosey.

A real treasure trove of goodies for the vintage enthusiast. 

 Of course having me as a unpaid consultant ... its just struck me ... that unpaid bit .... umm
Anyway maybe I'd not get away with a paid job .... just way too critical, fussy ..... and I believe the word 'negative' has been used too..

But it does mean I have access to a vintage haberdashery stash...

Buttons and more buttons... and lace..buckles...ribbon..beads..all manner of goodies...

 He manages to find lots of pretties....

... and white linen by the caseful ...

How about some nice china...


 ...or the odd shabby cupboard....

Lots of lovely things....

 ....all cheap and cheerful.

And of course always so much to say ..... but a happy chappie!

Hope you enjoyed the pic's.

Oh .... and incase you are at a loose end... we would love to see you... we are at Valley car boot sale (Anglesey)  .... Tuesdays and Thursdays all year round.... selling lots of goodies.. and of course ....having a good old chat!


  1. I have enjoyed the pics and welcome back.
    Love from Mum

  2. A lovely way to make a living. Bet he's a top salesman.

  3. What a wonderful assortment of things! I live in the US but when I get to your "neck of the woods" I will DEFINITELY look you up! Hope lots of people see this and go- he looks like a lovely person!

  4. missed you!
    you might be unpaid but at least you get first dibs on the goodies!


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