Friday, 26 November 2010

A Peek Into The 'Emporium' - Distract Us From The Cold!

Brrrrrr ~ its cold here, I think it is everywhere, at least we haven't had tons of snow ... yet!
My Sister and Partner are coming to visit tomorrow ... they rang to say they were at a B&B in the Snowdonia mountains ... they had hoped to camp!!!!?? But no campsites would let them... I said she was a crazy person!
She laughed and said it..... 'craziness' ran in the family!
They hope to go walking tomorrow.. in the mountains... she said 'its beautiful here - the view fantastic!'.. I said 'it was a pretty good view from out of my window.. and it would do me!'
I will have something hot waiting for them tomorrow, they will come on to us after their walk and stay the night ... be nice to see them... its been a while.
They have the habit of travelling the world .... kayaking up the Amazon last time, and she's written a book about their adventures..... If your curious now look at the blogs, oh.... and they have an exhibition on in Manchester at the moment .... take a look...
General Blog -
Finding Manchester, lost in Bolivia (The University of Manchester).....

So .... on to the mundane ... I live the quiet mundane life ..... its cold ... so I think of food!

Warm hearty, happy food .... so today - industrial amounts of warm veggie soup, we go thorough it at an alarming rate!
Family drop by ... for soup!
Pies for tea .... allsorts pies ... eating up odds and ends pies.
And of course flapjack ... It couldn't even cool and be photographed before Richard had pinched a bit.
I've mentioned of course that Hubby P is now his own Man.....answers to no one (but me of course! - but don't tell him!) and has his own little business....... wheelin and a dealin!
Well the little Emporium we started has grown from strength to strength .... well its Hubby P's really..... I just play about doing the nice bits, helping out ..... playin shop!
Thought you might like a peek.....

Lots of Vintage-y stuff ... hats, bags..... stockings
and the like.

And Buttons .... lots and lots of glorious buttons...... well lots of bits and bobs of sewing and crafting stuff in general

More pretty scarves and .... well..... general prettiness!

And of course with all that access to lots of crafty/sewing stuff ..... some of my pretty heart corsages.... ideal for Christmas stockings!

Oh .... and some dingly dangly bits for your tree .....
So you see I have been busy .... and I must admit its nice to meet the Ladies who visit the Emporium..... as you can imagine it attracts crafty people .... so we have lots to talk about!
Lots and lots of talking!
Anyway enough for now! you must be bored rigid .... that's if you have made it this far!
xxx Take care xxx keep warm xxx


  1. firstly, can i say....camping in this weather!! i,d love to visit your emporium - i do like that word.

  2. I LOVE the way you cook!!
    Oh I bet its fun at the emporium.
    Lucky ladies.

  3. Firstly, I wanna come stay and be fed pies and soup and I hope theres some flapjacks left.

    Love the emporium - all those lovely buttons (I'm a buttonoholic. Is the suitcase one from your collection.

  4. There there is nothing like a big bowl of warming soup on a cold winters day! and all those buttons!.....

  5. Camping in this weather, they must be mad! the emporium is coming along nicely x


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