Monday, 2 August 2010

Car Boot-y Finds - just A Quick Few Pics!

Good evening friends!
Just a quickie post - mostly pic's - just a little something for you to look at - bit of prettiness and everyday stuff!
Some nice car boot-y treasures, pretty fabrics I couldn't resist.
How about this for a pretty pair of curtains - and all in good order too, I just love the grey and
pink together.

This is one huge length of unused fabric - fabulously floral!

Real Miss Marple era!

Someone must have bought it to cover that favorite armchair or settee even - its such a big piece, or perhaps some nice bright curtains? - anyway - they never got around to it - its been stashed in a cupboard. Such a pretty lump of fabric.

What is it about blue and white? Got a bundle of this - good sized, nicely faded, shabby vintage, salvaged remnants - Ohhhhh what to make? My fingers are itching to sew!

A nice big set of unusual curtains - unfortunately they are damaged at the sides, as often happens with vintage curtains the sunlight catches the edges weakens the fabric and it rots away. The middle portion of the curtains are just fine - they will have to be reclaimed pieces of fabric, nice big pieces ideal for - well almost anything - certainly an unusual design.

You can see the holes down the edges, I shall cut all that away.

Who remembers this type of old desk - who has sat and stuck chewing gum to the underside - yes! you know who you are!
Hubby P found this - in a bit of a mucky state - hes been spending time in the nice fresh air sanding it down and whatnot. Its done him a power of good - 'just messing'- its not often he makes the time to do anything sort of creative - if you know what I mean!
I think he needs some nice beeswax to finish it off - I just love that beeswax-y smell.

Just look at this Oregano, its growing in the window box - and it has both purple flowers and white flowers - I'm sure its the same plant.

Here it is nestled amongst the nasturtiums and whatnot - gives a lovely scent when you brush past - and tasty too in salads and pasta.

I've started saving the seed from the nasturtiums - I just put them on a saucer on the windowsill to dry, ready for next years pretty flowers.
I do believe you can pickle nasturtium seeds - they taste peppery - a bit like capers (mind you I've never tried capers - so I don't know!). I pickled some once - just to try - its not something we really took to - but if you like capers?

Made the jam this afternoon (gooseberry, apple, black currant, and rhubarb - all I had in the freezer jam!) - It tastes just fine, nice and fruity - just the job for my toast!

And chocolate crispy cakes - I haven't made these for years. I just fancied some rice crispies for a change, and saw they had chocolate at a good price in Asda - so I made a few for some 'littlies'. All little children should have the pleasure of a rice crispie cake now and again !
xxx That's all for now folk's xxx Take care xxx


  1. Wow such a lot of booty looty there Hun!! I am loving that desk!

    Hmmmmmm chocolate crispy cakes! x

  2. as alwasy a lovely yummy post!
    Heather x

  3. Lots of goodies! Wish I had been there! Lisa

  4. Great fabrics....what a lucky find! :)

  5. Great buys. Love the desk! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  6. Love the blue and white fabric !!
    Twiggy x

  7. Loved reading your blog I,ll join you and I,d love to have you on board my blog .

    I,m always doing and making .I,m a p/quilter, That blue and white fabric, I would have tugged at it too if I was there. I have lots of blue and white pots .

    I,m picking up the fallen apples ,I cook them as they are or with strawberries , yesterdays haul will be apple and root ginger ,plenty of it

    I live in a Leicestershire village--cottonreel

  8. How nice to meet you here, and you are so fortunate to live on an island. I live on the edge of the sea so I can't complain. Do you eat the nasturtium flowers? We put them in salads here and they do taste peppery. Delicious.


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