Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Little Emporium! and Allsorts!

Sorry its been a while! I feel I have neglected you woefully!!
Even my Sister rang me to see if I was still alive - thinking - no blog - something must be amiss!
Well all is fine here, just busy busy!

These trusty boots have become Standard Carboot Issue! As you can see it was a bit muddy today - after the 'monsoon' that was Friday - the rain just never stopped all day.
We have been doing as many car boot sales as we can - boy have we got some stuff packed away! I've turned out all those nooks and crannies - bottoms of wardrobes, backs of cupboards, its amazing what I've found!

So here we are all packed ready to go!
Hubby P has become an expert packer, this little van can hold so much.

We pack everything in suitcases ( well we do have one or two suitcases here) - then we or rather Hubby P - simply lifts them out of the van, arranges them on the grass and opens them up. We can spread the contents out a bit - putting items in/on the lid. It seems to work quite well and people like to look at the old suitcases.

I found myself a nice old shabby vase/plant container. Here it is waiting for a suitable, pretty plant or something. I had to rather smuggle it home - as Hubby P keeps reminding me, we are supposed to be selling things to a make home less cluttered and easier to manage - can't see it happening myself - 'My name is Vicky and I'm a car boot Addict' !!!
Talking of clutter - a REALLY exciting little project - I've got myself 'A Little Emporium'!
We have 'taken' as they say, a storage -big - storage container - mostly to store all the stuff/er Vintage Collectables we had stacked in the house. The containers have been installed in the lockable/secure grounds of the carboot sale premises - so not only is it ideal storage, but on carboot sale days we can open up the doors and sell from it.

But what a job sorting it all out - mind you it will be fun - its like playing shop!
It has been taking up a lot of our time - and its still not just as I would like it - well frankly its a tip - stuff everywhere! No doubt we will get it sorted soon.

Its always nice to meet like-minded people - and if we can make it welcoming
hopefully they will come and browse.
Only this weekend we were talking to a couple who did WW2 re-enactments, they were looking for items they could use, items of Uniform and Vintage dress. It all sounded so interesting - its amazing the lives people lead.

And of course no self respecting Emporium would be complete without a touch of Bunting!
More photos when its a bit more organised!
On the Home Front!
The apples keep falling off the tree - its a huge crop, I can see us looking like an apple this winter - we will have so many to eat!
Still - An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor at Away!!

They are always good to put in the jams, jellies and chutneys.

Friends and family keep dropping off fruit and veg - it seems every ones garden is producing lots of lovely goodies - just need to make the time to 'deal' with it all. I do need to make some Jumble Jelly - its what one of my American friends calls mixed fruit jam - isn't it such a cute name!?
Surprisingly we are on our last jar - we must eat it by the ton.
All this standing out in a blustery - er - somewhat cold and wet fields - requires hearty carbooting food!

We've just eaten 'hearty' pie (made with all the nice veg a friend left on the doorstep - fresh from the allotment), and a coffee and walnut cake, made with nice fresh eggs from our chickens.
Don't look at the burnt bit on top of the cake - it was going to be iced - but needs must - I couldn't wait/was too tired to mess with the icing!
I just don't want to get the 'Hearty' ruddy cheeks that seem to be the 'look' of outdoors-y people - I'm hardly fragile and waif like as it is, Yes -I can definitely do without the ruddy cheeks!
Enough nonsense!
xxx Must be time for bed! xxx Take care for now xxxx


  1. Hi Vicky, What a fabulous idea this container is and the things you are selling are just the things I love! I wish I was near enough to pop to your car boot sale! I love your shabby plant containers. I have similar ones all over our garden with little plants I have dug up in them, that people keep telling me are weeds but they look pretty to me! Jane xx

  2. oh wow your Hearty Pie looks delicious just what you need during the damp miserable weather!!!

  3. The pie looks lovely :)
    I like the idea of the container.... I love to have a look inside :)

  4. Great idea, hope your little venture takes off. How kind and generous of people to drop off goodies at your door.


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