Sunday, 9 May 2010

Pretty Lilacs and Greenhouse Progress!

Ahhhhhh the lovely Lilac - lazy summer days must be on the way!
What is it about lilac - so very lovely, yet some say it is unlucky to bring it into the house. Why is that? Whats behind the folk law - anyone know?
Can you see my old wood basket - its almost hidden now amongst the lush growth. These pretty aliums are the bulbs I planted in the basket - cheapo ones from the 'Pound shop'. lots of purple-y flowers about at the moment.

How was your weekend - I believe lots of people/bloggers had rain. We didn't although it has been a bit chilly, lots of blue sky and sunshine today.
We stood the carboot sale today (had a stall - to sell ) we do so enjoy the social aspect, having a chat to people, sat in the sunshine, just watchin the world go by! We made a bit extra cash so that was ok - more money for greenhouse wood - wood is sooooo expensive, and the price of good woodstain is shocking!

I have to save pennies wherever I can so today when we took some rubbish to the tip/recycling centre I had my usual sneaky look in the skips - again I was appalled at the waste - perfectly good things thrown away. Anyway i had a quick dip in and retrieved these seed tray/plantpot thingies.

Just fine after a good wash.
I was a bit short of seed raising things - when my last greenhouse had to go/fell to pieces I freecycled a lot of my pots and trays - but now!
Soon I will be back in business - seed raising and potting on with Gusto!!

I transplanted a couple of cucumbers I had bought into these rather nice buckets - I have no big pots (must find some at the carboot, there's usually lots there) and to be honest the buckets rather please me - I like the look of them, and the clunky - utility of them. Despite the fact that I fell over them and bruised all my leg!

As you can see they are stood inside the half finished greenhouse along with the tomatoes etc that are waiting for their new home! - Not that there is any 'Pressure' to finish the greenhouse!!

To be fair we did do quite a bit on the greenhouse this weekend - its time we lack - so much to do so little time!

I have stained the inside woodwork - what a job! all those windows!
And Hubby P and I - acting assistant, put some of the roofing sheets on, which nearly ended in a visit to Accident & Emergency! Hubby P - rather than get the step ladders deciding he would be 'just fine' standing on an old rickety table and promptly fell through it!
He said 'did you see me swing Tarzan like from the beams to land gracefully- uninjured' - well No!
My view was that you landed like a ton of bricks wrapping the saw around your leg! How he managed to avoid another injury i don't know - anyway now we have the stepladder to hand!

So its all coming to nicely.

Like I said we had a stall at the carboot and took it in turns to have a wander around and a good root in the boxes. Surprisingly little to take my fancy - lots of stalls selling children's clothes and toys - not my thing.

I did find a couple of pieces of nice fabric 50p each -

Lengths of pretty cotton, I will put them away until I am 'inspired' - or rather I will think 'that's pretty - that'll do!'

xxx That's all for now folks - take care xxx


  1. Those lilacs are amazing. Mine are just about ready too. Can't wait to put them in my dye pots. They are said to give a lovely green colour xJ

  2. HOpe you did well at the car boot, I can't get my hubby to help me after he came along once and was overwhelmed by people trying to unpack the car for us!!!

    Thanks for the tips - will be trying to sort out links etc today.

    OMG - too wierd, the post man has JUST delivered my Geoffrey broach - thank you so much! (and thanks for the lovely note)

    HOpe the sun continues to shine!


  3. You've inspired me - cucumbers in buckets. That's a yes!

  4. My mum won't have any May blossom in the house, saying that it is unlucky. I'm dead jealous at the size of your new greenhouse, I've only got an 8' x 4' lean-to which is just too small.
    Jak x

  5. I have never heard that bringing Lilac indoors is unlucky, but then I have never cut my trees as I can't bear to lose the flowers from the garden! In my current garden my trees are only 12" high, so it will be some years before the dilemma arises!

    BTW - my daughter had a friend who genuinely believed it was unlucky to open a crisp packet upside-down...

  6. I had never heard that about lilacs before. Good thing, too, as I always bring them in the house. Not quite in bloom here yet, so nice to smell them in your photos.

  7. We are still looking for places in Anglesey. Going to view a place in Penysarn in a few days, so we may be neighbours yet xxJ

  8. Gorgeous lilacs. Great idea for your cucumbers!

    Shirl x


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