Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Little Birdhouse For My Soul !!

Everyone Jolly? Enjoying the Sunshine? I do hope so!
Well!! Very exciting Treasure at the carboot sale today!
I couldn't believe my luck - I could have sold it again three times over, people (obviously women) were sighing, and exclaiming over it, and wanting to buy it! - although I did get some funny looks too.
What do you think of my Little Birdhouse - it feeds my soul!

Its ever-so battered and shabby - I think it was taken out of a rubbish skip - but I just so love it for all its faded beauty. It fits in so well in our garden, amongst the other interesting, fading, shabby pieces - living the last of their lives, among the flowers!

I managed to haggle the seller down to a reasonable price (£4) luckily he knows me well and knows I haven't a lot of fancy money - he smiles at me (an I just know he's thinking 'what on earth is she going to do with that old thing'! ). Hubby P was just as 'thrilled' for me as the seller - he had to go and pick it up from the seller - too heavy for me to carry, and he lugged it all the way to the van.

Again, appreciation of the birdhouse was somewhat 'lukewarm' when I got it home - Richard's remark was - 'well when you have painted it, tarted it up a bit - you ARE going to paint it?' - what is wrong with these people??

Anyway needless to say Hubby P set to and put it up on the fence - I wanted it nestled amongst the Honeysuckle - this involved Hubby P being 'nestled amongst' the Honeysuckle too, hammer in hand - things got a little - Umm Heated?
Hopefully the Honeysuckle will grow up and around it, making it a really romantic little hide-away!
Thinking about it, its a bit Swiss chalet meets Dallas, rather Grand! It has two compartments - one either side - so two families.
Of course at the moment both 'homes' are vacant, we had of course thought of the Geoffrey's, they may wish to upgrade to something a little smarter, although I think it may be a little too ostentatious for Geoffrey, he comes from Humble stock - never-the-less, we may yet be surprised!

On to Crafty News!

Do you remember I mentioned the big curtain I bought last Tuesday, well I took it apart (the lining had 'gone') and washed it. I got one full width - and a decent length too, which I may try and sell on ebay, and a half a width, which I will keep for my own crafting.

I found some pretty little bamboo handles, and cut myself a rough sort of bag out of 'my piece' - made a newspaper 'sort of' pattern.

I wanted a lightweight, but roomy bag for carrying the necessities (purse, phone, tape measure and stacks of tissues at the moment!) around the carboot sales.

I think its turned out quite well - it does the job splendidly!

I lined the inside with some of the bright and breezy, yellow cotton fabric that Hubby P brought home the other week. An altogether comfy, roomy (its amazing what junk/treasure you can get in it - everything but a Birdhouse!) - snazzy little bag!

And last, but not least by any means Thankyou Soooooo Much to Twiggypeasticks, Solsticedreamer, and JuicyFig for this lovely Award!!
You are all so kind to an Old Girl who sits here in her little out of the way corner of the world - waffling on about the nonsense of her life!

Thankyou again, you know 'Simple Things' !! an all that.
I know I am supposed to pass this on to other people, but it does seem to have done the rounds quite swiftly - perhaps I should widen my circle of Blogs I follow, but you know how it is when you get comfy. Still I should browse a bit more - there are wonderful blogs out there and I enjoy finding and 'meeting' new bloggers - I am waffling now. If you would like the Award and somehow have missed out, Please do take it as a gift from me, paste it up on your Blog and
xxxx Take care for now xxxx


  1. The sweetest lil birdhouse! I think if you painted it then its charm would be lost! Such a bargain too!

    I think my blog is too new for an award and your is lovely to read so your award is well deserved.
    best regards

  2. Love the bird box and the William Morris print.

    Have a wonderful week xJ

  3. The birdhouse is very nice but I LOVE the bag you made. The lining coordinates perfectly with the curtain fabric, and you placed the pattern so you got the design centered on the side. You are so smart.

  4. The birdhouse is lovely, never seen one like that before. the bag is also lovely, I like the colours, very spring like x

  5. Gorgeous birdhouse. So right not to paint it: its perfectly charming.

    Love your bag!

    Shirl x

  6. Love the birdhouse - you should definately not paint it, it's great as it is. Your bag is fantastic, I love the shape.

  7. the birdhouse is lovely! ours is in two pieces in the shed, not sure how to fix it as we're not too good at DIY.
    the bag is great, lovely fabric!
    Josie x

  8. And another award for you lady - check out my blog !!
    Twiggy x
    PS Lovely birdhouse, is it Geoffreys penthouse :)

  9. I love the little shabby chic birdhouse. Perhaps you would consider posting in on Cheep Rooms this this Thursday. We are trying to build a birdhouse community. Just for fun.

  10. I don't beleive it - I gave you an award as well!!!

    The bird house is a fantastic find! I can just imagine a dove with shoulder pads moving in!

    I just adore that bag - you have fussy cut it brilliantly - the colours are so vibrant

    Can't wait to see who the new neighbors will be


  11. Lucky birds! Your tote is perfectly sunny and bright.

  12. Geoffrey may take up residence in this up market home!
    You never know

  13. Oh my that house is wonderful and it would be a crime to paint it. I agree with you - what are some some people like! LOL

    As for you bag, it is gorgeous.

  14. Oh wow, I just love the des res and the fabric. I just cannot believe how you find such lovlies. I love the bag too, made me laugh about stuffing your phone down your bra, ha ha! I must say it is very liberating not carrying the 'kitchen sink' around anymore.

    Jak x

  15. That is certainly a Bird Palace and a half! What a great find and looks just perfect the way it is.

  16. a wonderful birdhouse and the price is great! around $10 here, which I would certainly agree to.
    you always find such cool fabric!


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