Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just A Quick Geoffrey Update!

Just a quick update from the Geoffrey's.
Much activity around the Geoffrey acres this evening, although not much sighting of Geoffrey himself - although he has been to the treehouse for his supper.
These are photos of the Young Geoffrey's - we can tell because they are smaller than Geoffrey - they are getting very brave visiting the garden bed just across from the door (lets hope not too brave, or stupid!)

Hubby P thinks Geoffrey now sees his job as 'Done' - he has fed them for many weeks - now its time they fended for themselves. On a par with us sending our Teens to the Chippy for their Tea!

This one has ventured onto the old chair, enjoying the peanuts and seed I put out earlier. Do you think she looks like a little Girl? Miranda perhaps? Miranda Mouse?

Can you see the two of them, brother and sister may be? Miranda and Malcolm?
More Tales from the Allsorts Garden soon! must be bedtime for me!


  1. This is as good as Tales From the Riverbank, you need to get them waring jaunty hats and film them with a Johnny Morris style voiceover. Brill!!
    Twiggy x

  2. Wonderful - I have to read the tales of Geoffrey out loud to hubby, and my mother also now gets updates.

    I always liked myrtle as a mouse name...

    ooh, remember unca munca???


  3. I love visiting your blog it's like stepping inside a Beatrix Potter. Creative and fun yet practical.

  4. I hope you are keeping these tales to turn into a book!

    Glad I'm not alone in reading Miss Read ;-)


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