Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Suitcase Project and Tuesdays Treasure!

Evening folks!
Just a few pic's of the Suitcase Project! - at last its finished!
A few of you have been rather curious, especially those of you who have seen me trawling the bootsales for suitcases, one or two of you have said 'what Another suitcase!!'
Well as you can see we have used them all - and can perhaps fit in another one or two!
It all started when I asked Hubby P if he could build me some open shelves on which I could store/stack suitcases to use as storage for all my 'stuff'. Mostly sewing, crafty stuff that I do use on a regular basis. Hubby P suggested we make a dresser type thing (that 'we' is he does all the work - I stand around holding tools and giving 'constructive' comments).
So we did - its quite an open sort of affair - the main aim of it being a place to stack nice, pretty, brown, vintage suitcases
We used some old drawers from an old dressing table in the sides of the dresser - to store things like candles, napkins and other everyday stuff.

There are two big areas for the cases and in the middle a handy shelf arrangement to hold a few everyday bits and bobs - drinking glasses, wine, wineglasses, wine, fruit, sherry, sweeties, wine - you get the picture! All that's needed - and handy, for a pleasant evening!

I have started filling the cases and have put my luggage labels on each one - then I can find everything easily. I have a case for beads, buttons, greetings cards, wrapping paper, fabric trim etc etc...

Hubby P suggested the old clock face on the top - a bit like you would have at an old railway station, he calls it the Lost Luggage Area!
I hope to find more - perhaps smaller, old battered clock faces to join the one that sits all alone watching over our 'luggage'.

The walls of the hall were already papered in an unusual mix of my vintage papery finds - old newspapers, children's books, some Latin, old music - allsorts of random interesting stuff. We like it - it gives our tiny cottage warmth, and texture, and a generally 'cool' as the boys might say - a cool vibe!!

I think these little cases are just so cute!
So what do you think ? Cool? or not really for you? - it works well for us, at least I can find that elusive, particular button or trim!!
Today's Carboot -y Treasure - just has to be this 1960's record rack! Just the thing I needed to hold the raggedy stack of LP's heaped by the record player.

Gave it a good wash - and bobs your watsit!
Just the job!
And all for a couple of pounds.

Off to listen to the Inkspots now - glass of wine in hand!

xx Well take care xxx
xxx let me know what you are thinking its nice to get feedback - are you still being Thrifty? xxx


  1. brilliant idea, the suitcase storage corner looks great! better than boring flatpack storage
    Josie x
    ps) I've got boring ikea flatpack shelves!

  2. That's a cool dresser for sure. I LOVE the suitcases, I've been building up a wee collection of my own for ages. I have one (that is rather big) that has my Dad's writing on the lid, couldn't part with that one for all the money in the world :)

  3. Love your lost luggage area! I am so going to be on the lookout for old suitcases now....xxx

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  5. It looks fantastic - and I love the name Lost Luggage area!

    The only suitcase I have is massive and not leather. I use it to display materials in at fairs, but it isn't exactly pretty, and I don't think I could lift it down from a shelf if it was full. ..

  6. It suits your cottage very nicely, we'd need a mountain of suitcases to hold all our junk, erm I mean treasured possessions.
    Twiggy x

  7. I must admit, I get all excited about good organised storage (well, just craft storage really) and the suitcases are a great idea. I particularly like the luggage tags, sort of just finishes it off. Coincidently, I have a passion for cane suitcases, which now amounts to 10.
    Have a great day.
    Jak x

  8. I think the suitcase dresser is cool. One place to store all your odds & sods!

    We need more thrifty ideas please!

    Vanessa x

  9. You must show us a panorama of your cottage. This is so cozy and inviting.

  10. ...So Cottage-y looking !! You have the best imagination AND you follow thru.. Slightly jealous here...
    These past few months I've been buying clear plastic totes with lids to put my "treasures"in... Your idea is sooo much more fun and nice to look at...

  11. Thanks for the award Vicky. :-)

    I love the suitcases and like the way you have built a unit to suit them. You look very organised!

  12. Your suitcase storage system looks great as the ladies all say. So much better than my tatty shelves with their plastic boxes and overflowing piles or fabric and bits. Well done for repurposing these beautiful old suitcases and continuing their story.


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