Monday, 22 February 2010

Purses, snowdrops and cutsie dogs!

Its been a bright but cold, cold day!
But hows this for s cheery sight!
The massed snowdrops in the hedge across from the cottage.

February can be a dreary cold, wet month - and the household bills still keep dropping into the post box. I suppose its no different throughout the year, but generally we are feeling a bit down, and wishing for the better weather - so bills are another tiresome thing to have to think about - and pay!
Thinking of the finances and ways of making a few more pounds to renew the bit of savings spent on keeping body and soul together over the winter - I had a good scrabble about in some of the boxes in the shed. Boxes of 'stuff' we had labeled 'Car boot'- stuff we were going to sell when we got around to having a stall at a carboot sale. Mostly it is things I have had - played with/displayed for a time and changed for something new that I have found.
I thought I would have a concerted effort at selling the 'stuff' on Ebay - my enthusiasm runs hot and cold with Ebay! I kinda resent the time it takes to sit listing when I could be sat sewing - or something equally more fulfilling!
Anyway I found a few pretty aprons and boxes of hankies (I have soooooo many hankies!!), the aprons I had hung up in the kitchen for a while, but I am rather too 'on the comfy side' to wear them, they just got buried under other 'stuff'!
So hopefully I will be disciplined enough to sit and list them - hum - soon!

Thought I would show you this one - so pretty, couldn't you just see 50's housewife all floral day dress, heels and red lipstick - getting Hubby's Dinner ready!

I like how it crosses over and fastens at the back.
Anyone having any luck at earning a few pennies doing something from home - hows etsy and Folksy doing? - are things selling? I really don't think there is much money about, people don't seem to be spending.
Still we have our sewing and knitting to keep us sane!
I made another little purse from the Harris Tweed samples - I made it from two pieces, so it was a bit bigger.

I made this one for myself, and I like something I can get my hand into - I have a bit of a problem with my hands/grip so its easier to get a fist of coins than pick out single coins from the purse.

I jazzed it up a bit with some rather 'free' embroidery - to disguise the join a bit.

And put a big nice jolly button on the front (as you know I do have a sackful of buttons!).

I used the rather loud, bright, sexy cotton fabric (the fabric Hubby P found at the Charity shop) to line the purse.
Its such a warm, wholesome sort of fabric - cheers me up! - working with nice 'stuff' (stuff - such a good word!)
Anyone remember what this yellow-y bright blob is?

I found it peering through the hedge late this afternoon when I took the empty milk bottles out to the gate.
It looked rather pretty - but of course the photo has come out a bit rubbish-y. Hopefully we will see more of it.

Leave you with a pic of Uncas and Fly - waiting patiently for Hubby P to come home from work, its funny how well they can tell the time!
xxx Take care - let me know what you're up to! xxx


  1. What a cute apron - I never wear them as can be seen by the splashes on my t-shirts. I always feeel like a granny when I do wear them (oh wait a minute, I am a granny. Primroses and primulas still in design stage. I'm still x stitching tulips. I don't have any junk left except whats in the workshop - the boys are in charge of that and I'm too worried about snakes to go poking around in there. Love the snowdrops.


  2. I'm a very 'comfy' granny and I always wear an apron....I make 'em myself so they actually go round me!
    I hope my suitcase does breed, I want loads like you!!!! xxx

  3. lovely purse, I like the embroidery. Etsy & Folksy have been a bit slow for me, I listed some handmade fabric bookmarks in september and only sold one at xmas!
    Josie x

  4. Great purse - I love the embroidery on it. Know what you mean about Ebay - I do resent spending time getting everything on, but soon forget when people start bidding!


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