Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Colleen's Suitcase!

Just a quickie post - pic's of Treasure found today at the carboot sale.
More suitcases! the situation now is such that friends and stallholders are spotting them and 'thinking of you' as they say - which is nice. But I'm not sure just how many more I need!
Catherine found this little - iddy biddy case - so cute! It was quite battered and missing its handle, but just to look inside and see it belonged to a little girl called Colleen Moore - well I just had to bring it home. Was Colleen an Evacuee? Who was she - what was her Wartime experience? Peoples stories, stories everywhere!
I got a larger one too - to store fabric - so much fabric, its getting a bit silly really.

They are a bit battered on the outside, they will look better after a good going over with boot polish.

Found a bit of 'sturdy' - as they say, string!

And made a handle - very Make Do And Mend! Real Wartime stuff!

I lined the inside with some pretty flowery paper (scented drawer liners - I picked up cheap - from guess where!). I gave it all a good going over with PVA glue - its still wet in the pic.
This should give it a good sturdy (there's that word again - fav word of the week!) interior, it should look pretty when the glue has dried, although I don't think the scent (rose) will survive.
One of Hubby P's finds at the Charity shop this week - a very old bag of Kapok. The Ladies at the CS had saved it for him (they know his wife is a avid sewer and whatnot!) - how sweet is that. Apparently there were two bags, but they took their eye off the ball, and someone had it away with one bag!
I've not seen 'real' Kapok in a long time - usually its the artificial, nylon-y stuff you see in the shops. Did you know Kapok is made from 'pure vegetable down' - I didn't - I don't know what I thought it was - perhaps some by product of wool manufacture - Well I know now - it says so on the bag!
Feel a project comming on!

I had to call into the hardware shop before I came home, just to pick up some firelighters (sometimes the wood is a bit wet - needs a bit of help!) - and spotted these!

Well a Girl has to treat herself now and again!
I was hoping someone might have taken the hint and bought some for me at Christmas, but I missed out - so rather than buying flower seeds this year (I have a box of unused seeds I need to plant) I treated myself to these rather pretty tools!
xxx Just need a bit of sunshine now xxx


  1. NOT FAIR!!!!! You've got hundreds and I've only got one....LOL. xxx

  2. I love your 'make do and mend' handle, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'm very jealous of your trowel and fork, so pretty, at least it won't be so difficult to 'lose' these in the garden!
    Jak x

  3. The garden tools are delightful. A note about Kapok - some people are deathly allergic to it. Just make sure the item is marked Kapok filled.

  4. those are the sweetest trowel and spade i've ever seen!

  5. I Love the lined suitcases!

    And...I have learned 2 things about Kapok I never knew!


  6. I'm pretty sure kapok is the fluffy stuff that is around the cotton seeds after the flower has gone. I think it is called a cotton bol. Guess the good bits are spun into cotton and the rest is kapok.

  7. That little handleless suitcase was just waiting for someone like you to come along and give it a bit of TLC


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