Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Christmas Bling! and Thrifty Snippets!

I'm don't know about you, but I'm tired of pictures of the snow now. So I thought I would show you some of the pretties Hubby P found for me at Christmas.
Now weeks earlier he was kinda quizing me - I couild tell (he's hopeless at any kind of secrets or whatever) - I knew he was wanting ideas for Christmas, so I just happened to mention I would like some new earrings. All the pairs I had were no longer pairs, I have an awful habit of losing just one of the pair. Hubby P seemed to take this on board, and I hinted at the kind of thing I might like - something dangly, perhaps a bit sparkly - a Girl can't have enough Bling!
So come Christmas I was presented with a number of nicely wrapped parcels. One of them had a little tag saying something like ' Some Northern Lights for My Northern Girl' well! I was intriged to say the least! - afterall it could have been as humdrum as a torch or household candles!
Of course it or I should say, they were a delight - lots of wonderful 1950's Bling!
The Gem Stones are called Aurora Borealis or 'Northern Lights' and they sparkle, and twinkle and throw a miriad of rainbow colours in the sunlight - real pretty Bling.
I did a bit of Googling - Auoroa Borealis rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colours. The iridescent surface is a result of a very thin layer of metalic atoms that have been deposited on the lower surface of the stone.
This process was invented in 1955 by the Sworvoski Company together with Christian Dior.
The photos really dont do justice to the prettiness of the pieces.
With my new found knowledege I now stalk the Car Boot stalls looking for 50's bling! Something else, something new, something pretty, and exciting to collect!
On Sunday I came across this pretty ring.

What a stunner! Huge great gemstones set in what I think is a bronze setting. I needed a good clean up but I managed to persuade the stallholder to sell it to me for £4.

Just look how pretty the setting is! The whole thing is in a way so big and chunky, just what I need on my chunky, plump little fingers!
Thinking of Spring, or rather not wanting to think of the cold Wintery weather, I sought out some pretty pictures in this little book. I so love the illustrations - those of you who can draw and paint are so clever, its not something I have a talent for. So I content myself my sitting and browsing other peoples work.

Just look at this delightful little guy!

On the 'Thrifty Snippets' front -
nothing too exciting - more of a practicle use than anything!
I've been looking for a warm dressing gown for a while now, being on the A'humm - larger size it is sometimes difficult to find nice clothes, without spending a fortune in specialist shops. Anyway the only ones I could find were rather frumpy, quilted things and I wanted more of a colouful wrap, but warm, if you know what I mean. So I looked around the house for inspiration, serched the fabric stash - nothing there which would do ( I was looking for a length of suitable fabric to make a wrap) - but I did have lots of patchwork-y sized pieces - you know - for that patchwork project you just know you will make one day!! The sort of bits you just cant throw away -just in case - and they are so pretty etc etc. Now I have a plain black wrap/gown thing-y that I am using at the moment its ideal - bit boring black - but right size style etc, just a bit thin for winter use - so I decided to patchwork the wrap!

As you can see I have started - its something I can sit and do in front of the fire, I am sewing them on by hand, in a kind of random fashion. I thought then I may do a bit of free hand embroidery over the top, to create a quilted kind of effect. Its amazing how the few I have sewn have made the wrap seem thicker and warmer.

Sorry this pic seems to be sideways on! But you get the idea. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but I quite like my little 'wrap of many colours', its cost be nothing and it will be warmer. Plus I suppose I can keep it going for years - just keep patching!!
xx Thats all for now folks - take care - keep warm xx


  1. Gorgeous 'bling' and a very lovely ring!

    Think I will have to start looking as well ;-)

  2. The Flower Fairys are so timeless. I love them. We spent Christmas in Anglesey this year. No snow! ut otherwise very beautiful.

  3. Love the patchwork wrap idea, what a great way to use up pretty scraps of fabric.
    I did well at the car boot at Benllech in the summer when we were on holiday on your lovely island. Treasure that's a bargain too is hard to beat, like your lovely ring.

  4. The fairy book is my favourite. What do you do with your books?

  5. That's great, only trouble is I'm going to be singing that Dolly Parton song all day now!
    Your hubby is a treasure.... Amazing what he finds for you! xxx

  6. Loving that bling! and yes I agree - it's nice seeing non snowy pics now!

  7. what lovely jewellry. I have never seen the Aurora Borealis but have heard it is stunning, maybe one day.

    Great post.

    Gill in Canada

  8. I love the bling and the wrap - perfect!


  9. Oohhh... I like your Bling ! Sparkly and Shiny get me everytime... The Fairy book is sweet... I cut up a Cicely Barker calendar, framed them, now Her fairys hang in my bedroom...

  10. Blingtastic !!! I'm making a patchwork bag at the moment, I love patchwork.
    Twiggy x


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