Friday, 18 December 2009

Not A Single Flake!

Hope you are all keeping warm, listening to the wireless most of the country has lots and lots of snow - not a flake here! I tell a lie there were half a dozen drifted gently down, as I was feeding the chickens.
We never get very much here - too near the sea, but we have a lovely view of the Snowdonia Mountains - they of course are soon glistening with the sparkly white stuff!
Hubby P has been 'girding his loins' ready for the big chill. Armed with his thermal long johns, cod liver oil, woolly scarf and bakers cap pulled well down, he's ready for whatever comes his way!
Last night he came home with a van load of wooden pallets - they came his way via Barry the the lorry driver. Apparently pallets are a bit like gold dust, everyone is wanting them as cheap/free firewood. At one time you could pick them up everywhere - it just shows how people are short of money, going back to the old days of thrifting, free firewood an all that.
Last week he found two van loads of wood - someone was having a new roof so he came away with the old timber - lots of nails in the ash, but it burns well enough!
Anyway Hubby P has his pallets so I guess the weekend will be spent sawing them up, they will make the 'posh' expensive logs go a bit further!
Thinking of expenses - and looking at my bank balance! Yikes! I realise - as usual I have gone a bit over the top with Christmas presents and whatnot - well I probably always do - I like to find nice things for my little gang of friends and family.
I feel I have wandered away from my good thrifty intentions - become a bit lazy in my ways - so time for a shake up, get the indulgence of Christmas out of the way, and look at our lives afresh.
Every penny is so hard to earn, I want to make it go as far as possible!
I have been lucky enough to join a friend in ordering from a wholesale, wholefood catalogue - so lots of good wholesome things on their way, nuts and cereals and the like - things that will store well.
And Porridge! We love porridge in the Allsorts household, and its so good for you.

I bought a little bag yesterday to put us on until my big order comes. We all had some for breakfast, the chickens have oats sprinkled in their mash, and the dogs have any leftover porridge mixed in with their food.
When I was younger and working on farms, the shepherds always gave their dogs porridge, they said it did them a world of good - Oats the wonder food!

As I said no snow - but very cold, sunshiney but cold'

All dressed up for the weather - Hubby P says I have more skins than an onion!
I like to be warm! I wear leggings, woolly socks sturdy boots and a long warm skirt - and a coat when I venture outside to do my chores and feed chickens and bunnies.
I took the camera with me today - it was nice and sunshiney!

Remember the old wash tub - well I transplanted one of my Fir trees into it - I have reared this little beauty from a 6" baby, I bought to put in a little Alpine garden I made in an old kitchen sink - that was many years ago. As you can see its grown a bit since then. I will put some spring bulbs around its feet.

These little Honesty seed pods, or Silver Pennies, are standing bravely against the cold and wet. They look so pretty shining in the sun.

Still one or two roses - hanging on.
When we first moved to Wales I was amazed that we still had roses in December, it is so mild here compared to Lancashire from whence we came.
It reminded me of this little verse I found somewhere.
'God gave us Memories
That we may have
Roses in December'
I think that is so sweet!

A splash of colour in the pond!
The fish are not too bothered what the weather throws at them!
You all take care now, this white stuff is okay, but can be a hazard!


  1. love the boots!
    we have had some flurries and a little laying~we seem to be right on the edge of the worse of it~but it is bitterly cold here

  2. can't believe how alive your garden is in mid-December. As you say though, you are close to the coast so you don't get the hard winters.

    Gill in Canada

  3. That last photo is a painting. Love your boots!

  4. I not only love your boots.....I want them! We have lots of lovely snow! xxx

  5. We've got about an inch of snow here this morning, down this end. Did you get it too ?

  6. Just been having a lovely catch up! (as I sit here with my brew!)love the photo's on the beach.
    And now I must confess to wood pile jelousey! I have given up on wood temporarily for Christmas and been out and splurged on coal!

    Hope you and Hubby P have a wonderful Christmas


  7. I love your footwear and really enjoyed the tour of your garden.

    Have a lovely weekend :-)

  8. Lovely to meet you AA - glad you popped over to my blog We seem to have similar interests - do you read Marmalade Rose and Sal's Snippets? They both do similar sewing things to you. Hope you will call again. Keep warm. Lots of snow here.

  9. I love that little verse. We had yellow roses up until a few days ago when the snow came and froze them.

  10. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Gill in Canada

  12. HOPE YOU HAD A FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.....oops sorry for shouting.

    Just out of curiosity - did you get any offers on the black jack wrappers. Took me back that did, remember swizzles and palma violets, fruit salads and sherbert dips (dib dabs).

    From another lancashire lass a long long way from home.

    janjan (in Q'Land Australia)


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