Monday, 14 December 2009

Are You Ready? Will He Be Comming To Your House??

Hi Folks!
Are your ready for Christmas? Or more importantly are you ready for the Big Freeze the weather men are promising us! Why is it we always get caught unprepared when it is winter for heavens sake!

Richard brought this lovely wreath home from work today, a friend of his makes them from all the lovely things growing in her garden - its so pretty!
Friday saw the delivery of a load of logs - we will be ready for any cold snap they care to throw at us!
Rich and I stacked them - what a job! Its true what they say about wood warming you twice - once when you cut it (stacking it was enough for me!) and again when you burn it!

At least we wont be cold - mind you the wood man was saying there has been a 40% increase in people buying/using woodburning stoves and its difficult for him to find enough wood for all his customers. No doubt the price will go up!

We stack it up in the inglenook to dry off a bit
, and burn it along side a mixture of free, cheap-y, salvage wood, to make the expensive logs go a bit further.
Little 'ol Christmas tree has been potted up, and a few baubles flung on it - looks quite festive!

I dug out the old fairy for atop the tree. She is as old as me, although she has a makeover last year and now looks quite smart. For years she only had one arm - doing our bit for Diversity, and Employment for the Disabled. However due to the wonders of modern prosthetics she now has a nice new arm - although we've misplaced her wand! maybe Father Christmas will bring her a new one.

Much Jollity, and Merry Making over the Weekend - Hubby P's Birthday, just a family bash - but a houseful!

Here's me - nothing changes - height of the evening and still I am caught with a brew in hand! (cup of tea if you're not from the north). I have sort of got out of drinking - although i am partial to a drop of something warming in my tea!

All four lads managed to come, first time for 5 years they have all been in the same room at the same time! This modern life - I don't think it helps family relationships, we seem to be flung far and wide, we talk on the phone, and exchange photo's and whatnot. But its not the same as all being together - having a real good hug and a laugh!

Hubby P had a real good time - he had cake and everything!

Sunday the lads went off to the beach, and brought me back a present!

A lovely bit of driftwood for the garden.
The beach was lovely - just a bit cold!

The tide must have been really heavy to have thrown such large chunks of trees well up the beach.

I liked this last photo - Father and son, they even walk alike!
We had such a nice weekend - its nice to make the effort, to be together, and make memories!

There were people we missed, but they too, were there in our hearts.
xxx Take care now xxx keep warm xxx


  1. Looks like you all had a fab weekend!
    Also loved the Fairy on top of the tree! There is always a hidden meaning/ each with a story of their own!
    Looking forward to Christmas festivities!!

  2. Aaaahhh what lovely pictures of you with all your boys. :)
    I do love a good bit of driftwood myself, I just need to find a big strong man to carry it home for me.

  3. A lovely homely post. I hope we get some I hope we get loads of SNOW! xxx

  4. Isn't it nice when our offspring know exactly what will make us happy - with no cost involved. Love the armless fairy story!

  5. Awww bless all your lovely boys. Birthday kisses for Hubby P, but not from Mr Twigs, he's a bit too bristley at the moment :)
    twiggy x

  6. what lovely photos, that is a large piece of driftwood.......we love our wood stove insert here. We paid $290 for a bush cord of wood, you can look on the internet to see how much that is. As I can't remember!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. What a super group you have there! Two of ours are within a 20 - 30 minute drive while two are still home, but I know what you mean about the feeling of distance.


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