Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ready For Sunshiny Days! On A Shoestring!

Well the suns been out, and the garden is blooming! I've just been geering up for the long lazy summer days!
I treated myself to this Steamer chair - my last one gave up the ghost last year and fell to bits! I won the Steamer on Ebay - 'Oh Blessed are Thou, Oh wonderful 'sitting at home' shopping site!'
I think of my Ebay /Paypal money a bit like Monopoly money - not quite real, well you never see or hold it in your hand, do you? So I spend it on things I wouldn't normally just splash out on!
I think of it as Pin Money, just selling bits and pieces around the house, vintage pieces I tire of, or unwanted clothes (of a rather larger size - for those of you with a luscious figure like mine!!!). Some bits come in boxes from the Household Auction - I will have bought the box full (they usually sell in box fulls!), I take what I wanted from the box and put any interesting bits on Ebay - shame to just throw them away, someone somewhere will love them!
So - Cheers to Ebay! One very nice new Steamer chair, all ready, snuggled in what I call by Circle - its sort of a sunken area surrounded by slate pillars one side and garden on the other. It has a chipped slate floor - its lovely and warm, shielded from the wind.
Bargain of the day has to be this sun shade and its stand £2 from todays carboot sale, and the two chairs with cushions for £5 - from same carboot sale! Chair cushions are a bit faded and have seen better days but hey! I am mostly going to sit on them in my gardening clothes, and for £5 - its something comfy to sit on! There is no way I could afford brand new chairs, and you know what - I wouldn't pay that much for something that in all probability is going to get rained on!
I suppose the Steamer chair was an exception, but only because I got it really, really cheap on Ebay.

Hubby P has done a Quality Control Test on the chairs - and Yes! his highly developed, comfort rating skill, built into his posterior says Yes! they are very comfy - definitely a fivers worth of comfort!

And just a pretty picture of Mr Sunshine! This is a little set of Childrens table linen, its so cute, thought I would just show you. It came in one of the aforementioned boxes, with some glassware I wanted. Its now on ebay - I need to replenish the Monopoly money!

Take care x Ta Ta for now xx


  1. Great bargains, I too enjoy the 'monopoly' money!!
    Tracey x

  2. You are the cutest thing with your luscious figure and hubby P's posterior ratings. I love the way you write. I always look forward to a new post. Keep 'em comin.

  3. I just love Mr. Sunshine!! It's so sweet :)

    Your steamer chair is quite the bargain, along with the cushions. I can't think of anything more relaxing than to spend the afternoon there with a good book and cold drink.

    Thank you for sharing your finds - I enjoy reading about your adventures.

  4. Love the green striped umbrella - just brings it altogether.

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Ebay!

    You always get some really good buys from the auction house/car boot etc. I really love the the childs tablecloth & napkin set, I have my eye on it as my daughter wants a tea party for her birthday, so that would look fab!


    Hope the weather keeps nice for you so you can utilise your new purchases.

  6. Great buys, I'm just getting into Ebay and monopoly money myself lol!
    ... ;0)

  7. I'm a bit broke at present, so should be Ebaying too!! I thoroughly agree, it give you the chance of getting rid of unwanted items, and gaining lovelies for free!!
    Your chair looks great, lets hope you get plenty of time, and weather to enjoy it!!!

    Happy Ebaying : )

    Sharon xx

  8. I love your garden and I'm looking forward to sitting in it soon. Only hope we don't have torrential rain again :)
    twiggy x


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