Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Closest Companions!!!

Oh Poorly Me!
Yes! I have been struck down by this awful virus thing! - these have indeed been my closest companions!
I wouldn't dream of drinking whisky in a social sense - (Brandy, Gin, Sherry or whatever - indeed - bring it on, but I'm not a Whisky drinker!) But as soon as I feel flu-ey I reach for the whisky, honey and lemon - hot toddies. They seem to work or me - either that or I am too 'tiddly' to much care!
So sorry for my absence - just haven't been up to it - think I am on the mend now.
I put my coat on and had a wander in the garden today - how things are coming on!

The front of the cottage is looking a bit brighter with the cheery daffodils.

Even one or two tulips are beginning to show themselves.

I just love these tiny dainty little daffs - you can almost see the little fairies dancing amongst them!

Even the newly emerged rhubarb looked quietly stunning, showing off its bright scarlet stems!

I have had lots of time to sit - huddled over a hot toddy! watching the birds.
This one's a cheeky monkey, well - Starling really. He pinches all the little ones feed if we don't watch him!

We call this little one Hector - its a long story!
He seems to be more or less a permanent guest.

These little Long Tailed Tits flew in the other day - they remain in family groups, there are 6 of them, but of course trying to get a photo of all six on the feeder - neigh on impossible! Although Hubby P did try - he has so much more patience than me!
Time for another hot toddy! Bye for now xxxx


  1. Poor you!
    hope the hot toddies work!

    I'm on Anglesey in May...I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So excited, first Seaside hol of the yr.....already planning what I will do!
    Which mainly involves reading and sleeping, riding my bike and general laziness!
    Oh the bliss!xxx

  2. I'm relieved to see you back missus and glad you're on the mend.
    Twiggy x

  3. glad you're feeling better, the photo's of the daffodils look lovely and great photo's of the birds feeding
    Josie x

  4. I do hope you are quickly on the mend, I'm just starting to feel right after four weeks. It was nice to see you join in my followers, the best bit is that it brought me to your blog, I love it and will be back. Take care,


  5. So glad your feeling a little better, I had missed your posts. The bright weather makes you feel better too!

  6. Lovely lovely picture of a long-tailed tit - one of my favourite birds! Sorry you've not been well but good that you were looking after yourself. Your cottage is so lovely!

  7. I am sniffling in sympathy with you! I too have a couple of slim looking tulips popping up but don't feel like I could face 'doing' the garden-I need a constant supply of tissues at the moment!

  8. Loving all the action on your bird table....

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Sorry to hear you're poorly sweetie, thank you for my lovely box of buttons I hope you didn't trek all the way to the post office when you were feeling so poorly just for me.
    My word verification is soupsi today - seems appropriate with your tin of chicken soup :)


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