Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Two New Flighty Little Girls!

No sooner had I hinted on the last post that maybe we could do with some 'new blood' amongst our 'raggle tag' of chickens, than Hubby P suggested we went to 'go see' if the Feed Merchant has any for sale.
And look what we came home with!
Apparently, or so Barry - the Feed Merchant says, there is a real shortage of chickens across the country - must be the 'Green' effect, all this Hugh Fernley Ate-it-all, Jamie and whatnot! -Everyone wants chickens!
Barry usually has a few breeds to choose from, but at the moment all he could get hold of were fairly ordinary Warrens - but I don't mind - we can't all be gorgeously glamorous! the world would be a dull place!
They are fitting in quite nicely - its always a bit hard to watch them being bullied at first, by the older Matrons of the flock, but eventually they all settle down together.
And look what they produced on the second day!

How clever is that - laying their little legs off straight away!


And how's Your garden growing? I found this heart warming sight this morning!

Pretty little daffs pushing their way through the cold dark earth - surely Spring must be on its way!

This is the last of the leeks - looking very battered ans sorry for themselves!
I must pull them this week and perhaps make some nice warming soup! Although its nice and mild here today - a bit damp but nice. Its so mild I am sat with the windows and door open - no fire lit yet, thought I would air the house - get some nice fresh air in!

Yesterday I spent potting on this years leeks - can you see them? Just like tiny wisps of grass - isn't nature wonderful - to think this Autumn they will be nice fat juicy leeks all ready for a nice cheese sauce!

As you can see there are also tomatoes and peppers there too. I have tried to get an early start with them - just hope they do ok.

Having a wander outside I see the few little cloves of garlic I just pushed into the soil have done really well.
I have put some shallots in the other half of the tin bath, but no signs of life there yet.

Not a great deal of crafting being done - I am trying to do some decorating, as and when my arms are up to it - its a slow process!
I have been doing a bit of crochet at night, watching the TV or listening to our gramophone - Hubby P is gathering together a great collection of old vinyl. Last night we listened to 'That'll Be The Day' lots of great Rock'n Roll! -Everly Brothers, Little Richard, The Platters,Billy Fury etc. Hubby P had a nostalgic evening, regaling me of tales of the days when he was a Teddy Boy!

Just getting back into crochet - so the little squares - made from scraps of wool , I have put together to make a nice warm blanket for our bed.
Its very colourful - I am using all the tiny bits of wool, the one's that we keep - too much to throw away, but really not enough to make anything! So Thrift, Thrift!!!
I embroidered and made the knitting bag when I was expecting my eldest - I spent some time in hospital - I remember sitting in the hospital bed sewing away, kept the boredom at bay! I gave the completed bag to my Mum as a Christmas present, Mum is no longer with us, so its back with me. Isn't it funny how everyday utility items can have a story all of their own!

Bye for now! xxxxx


  1. Love your new ladies, plain or not, they look mighty fine to me.
    And crocheting with scraps, love it. I'm on my second "scrap" blanket now, but don't hold your breath, the first took 20-ish years LOL.

    What a lovely little story to go with the bag, and a lovely way to connect 3 generations all together.

    Love and blessings

  2. Like you chickens are so hard to find here ,also I did rescuse some ex battery hens, and kept them in what i thought was a secure run, but that blasted fox dug in and went off with a few of them i was so upset,but not only that this fox is so brazing he was under my lounge winow and would you beleive it but barking at my cats then the next morning here he was at my front door,so i set my GSD after him,and i have not seen him since,(the fox not my dog) but last night i could hear them mating,so now doubt there will be young soon.So i am going to have to get my electric fence from the sheep farmer.Well done to the ladies for laying those eggs for you.~Take care~Kate~

  3. god your good! I have not put any seeds in yet and my potatoes need chitting......
    hope this weekend is fine and I may venture out to do some!

  4. Flippin heck missus, I've not even cleaned my pots or rummaged through my seeds yet!!
    I'm having a go at growing garlic and potatoes for the first time this year as well as the usual greenhouse stuff.
    Lovely hens, my cheeky hubby wants to know why P is dressed as Harry Worth? Shall I go and hit him for you? I think he looks very distinguished! Love your bag and the little story attached to it.
    Take care and love to you all.
    Twiggy and co xx

  5. Hi Twiggy! Not ever to let life become boring, Hubby P has decided to start to collect and wear 1940/50s clothes - I did once mention how I 'appreciated' Christopher Foyle - Foyles War, although I think recreating that/him is a but beyond Hubbys capabilities! Just struggles to get that certain 'Twinkle in the eye'that Foyle has!!!LOL
    At least life is not boring with Hubby P!
    Take care xx

  6. What a lovely life you have! Ideal...hats, gardening, Rock 'n' roll, crafting....perfect!
    Love Tracey xxx

  7. Hello to your new girls; that was so nice of them to give you a moving in present!

    I love your bag and pics of daffs; definitely a sign that spring is on the way!

  8. oh what a treat to find you and your wonderful blog...
    I am so envious of the new addition to your family..
    have you named them?
    looking forward to having some laying hens, my husband is not as easy .. working on it ...

    thanks for sharing
    mona & the girls


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