Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Oh' to be Fashioable for once!

Just a couple of pics of the pretty little tablecloth I picked up at the carboot sale yesterday. Its immaculate - must have sat in someones drawer, only used for 'best' occasionally!
Sharie from View to the Hill asked for a pic or two of the cloth, she's another of us,that can't walk past a pretty bargain!
The work on the cloth is amazing. Its a square cloth, but difficult to get a good photo of all of it - I had it on the washing line,but it was blowing so furiously a photo was impossible!

And I found this inside a magazine - Times supplement I think. I just had to show you - it seems all of us thrifty - wont throw any scraps away - unpicking and saving lovely old vintage fabrics - Well! we are the height of fashion!
'Everything comes around' as my Grannie use to say!

I should have photographed the whole article really - but basically its saying 'who has the time to make like Martha Stewart and hunt down the darlingest swatches of fabric' - to make your patchwork quilt.
It suggests you cheat by buying and I quote 'Worn and Washed reclaimed fabrics' sourced from charity shops, laundered and cut to size - Liberty is offering colour co-ordinated swatches of fabric in bundles. Small size £32.50 and large £69.95!? (It doesn't say how many in a bundle!)
I tell you it made me look again at my box of fabric scraps!

So today I spent another couple of hours sorting through the boxes of fabric and putting together fat quarter sized pieces to go on ebay - I would be happy with a fraction of Liberty's prices!

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  1. Make do and mend is the new designer....we are all trendy bendy!

    Have a super evening, i love the tablecloth...delightful!xxx

  2. Love the table cloth.And yesterdays post about you sweet morris minor, i am so envious i would so love one of them.The car boot sales here is just starting to get busy,and on Friday night i get to help set up for a jumble sale on the Saturday and i get first pick i will try and be good.~Kate~

  3. the table cloth looks lovely! Josie x

  4. I love your tablecloth, you were very lucky to find one in such good condition. BTW, 1962 was an excellent year - you, me, Dixie - all excellent productions.


  5. That tablecloth is a serious piece of treasure. I am at my Mum's house and guess what I'm going home with? My Gran's sewing machine! I have a stash of precious bits and pieces - pretty tops with irreparable holes, tots' clothes, old curtains. It's a whole new era - I'm very very excited! I don't think I would have been half so excited had I not been a blogger - it's wonderful to see such GORGEOUS things made from recycled fabric, just like our Grans used to do. It's a serious inspiration.

  6. Now that is a lovely tablecloth!! Thanks for putting close ups on your blog, I was dying to see it.
    I've got a 'thing' about rescuing whitework tablecloths with crochet or drawn threadwork whenever I see them. Its criminal when they are left chucked in a heap on the floor...
    I'd better shut up I could go on forever on this subject :-)

    Did you see Sairers blog at Vintage Pretty Shabby she shows some tablecloths that sold for hundreds of pounds recently on ebay?

  7. delightful find.... so pretty.

  8. There is a little something over at my blog, pop over to see!

  9. Lovely tablecloth, I couldn't have left it behind either!

    I love the fabric you have too, something I keep meaning to do but never quite get around to, sorting fabric that "goes", though I have plenty *blush*

    Love and blessings

    ps. How's the little robin doing???

  10. Love the tablecloth, it is beautiful!!! I will have to go to car boot sales earlier!!!

    Sharon xx


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