Sunday, 5 October 2008


As duly promised, I put the names in a hat (well! a rather pretty dish actually!) and picked out the lucky winner.
The winner is the lovely lady from ~ Lace Hearts ~ (
She chose the name Angel-in -waiting (I think it will be Angel for short!) for the little doll found abandoned and lonely at the car boot.
If you would kindly email me with your address I can post your goodies on to you.
Its been very wet here, but we managed a couple of Car Boot sales that were indoors.
Look at these lovely little vintage hair slides - the butterflies are particularly sweet!

And how about the Hair net! real Grannie style, it even has a ribbon that ties under the chin!
Isn't it funny how fashions change - we wouldn't be seen dead going to bed in one of these today, yet they were common place not that long ago.

That's all for now - Bye xx


  1. Awww, how lovely - just got back from a w/e away and that's so fab. However, you must not tell Angel! lol. She posted her comment just before me, if I remember rightly, and she didn't think to suggest Angel!!! LMHO. I'll email you my addy now. Thank you. x

  2. the butterflies are beautiful. i love visiting your blog to see what you have been upto and to see what you have been finding out at the carboot sales! dx.

  3. well done Lace.
    I used to have the circular tortoise shell effect hair slides when I went to school probably late 70's.

  4. Well done to Lace Hearts! 'Yoo Hoo Lacey!!!!'

    aww what cute little slides. Are they for you? Or do you have someone in mind for the pretties?

  5. Hi all, Yes the slides are so pretty. I've been messing about with them today - but I must admit to myself I just wouldn't wear them (as you know I mostly have a hat on - yes taken to wearing them indoors!!! what does that make me!!).So 'strike while the iron is hot' - think 'Credit Crunch' an all that - they are on Ebay!
    I keep thinking - well if they don't sell, but I know they will just end up in a drawer, and they are too nice for that!
    Thanks for the comments itsnice to know what you think, and share memories.

    X Vicky xX

    Oh and Yes Sharie I did get the Gem stones from the wonderful little shop in Valley!

  6. Hi,
    Do you ever come across any good powder compacts from 1930-1980? I collect them (I have nearly a 100).
    Best wishes

  7. Blimmin eck, that lacey is so Jammy.......... but we love her to bits.

    And yes i think Angel is the perfect name for

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