Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Hi Folks!
Its been a lovely sunshiny day here in North Wales - hope you're having a bit too!
The kind of day to sit in the sun with an ice cream! - I saw this nasturtium today, climbing up the trellis - the colours just reminded me of raspberry ripple ice cream!
On the Garden Front!
Not a great lot to report - much tidying of beds and potting on, not really photogenic stuff! However I have made an 'Artistic' decision! - No more plastic tubs, 'old galvanised' has just got to be more fitting for an old cottage like ours, and indeed! far more pleasing to the eye!

So! like mad woman on a mission! I have been buying up all the old buckets I could lay my hands on. They may not look terribly exciting just now, but planted up with lots of pretty foliage - they will look the business!
Hubby P wanted to take the lump hammer to 'straighten out' the old galvanised bath (I think it was used to feed animals!) - I was horrified -I had bought it precisely because it looked 'old battered, worn and well loved' (bit like me really!). I told him he would take his life in his hands if he went anywhere near it! He just gives me that strange look - sometimes we are poles apart! What was that book called? 'Men are from Mars !!!!

Carbooty Finds!!

Tuesday is Car Boot day - so this is hot off the press!

Look ! a whole bunch of pretty vintage smellies! A Girl can't have too much sweet smelly stuff! Only 50p a bottle, how could I walk away!

And thinking of the Chri******* word, a couple of little books to browse for ideas. I shall have a look make some notes, and probably put these on Ebay - I try not to collect this sort of craft book nowadays - I just haven't the space. Someone else can enjoy them.

These I thought were exceptionally cute - little vintage needle cases! What stories could they tell? Who made them? and why? The one with the swan is a manufactured case from Milwards -Finest Quality Needles! Nowadays you get then in an awful plastic box! These little cases are so much nicer - don't you think so?

Again - saved from the skip! These were from a house clearance 'Van Man', what he doesn't sell goes to the rubbish dump (I suppose its called the recycling centre now!) Although I don't really knit, I thought these would be nice to have and look at if only for the great Vintage pictures!
I could just see Hubby P in this snazzy yellow jumper! (I don't think So!! he would run a mile - he's not a jumper man really! and he certainly would refuse to do the 'Ahoy There' pose!)

And Yes again the Ch*********** word crops up! These little festive streamers took me right back to when I was a child, helping put up decorations in the school hall. Isn't it strange how you can almost 'smell' and 'feel' the time and place! I find old shoe box really nice - am I strange? -does it have to be old, worn and shabby for me to 'bond' with it?
Maybe its something to do with age!!

Earlier in the week the weather was more like this!

The nights are drawing in, it was cold, dark, damp - and I needed something comforting! So I made a batch of Treacle Toffee! It was sooooo good and sweet and sticky! Just the thing to snuggle up to the fire with! - of course I ate far too much!
I made lots, so I made little parcels off it - even sold some on the Carboot on Sunday! ( in this new era of tightening belts and earning extra, we have done/had a stall - a couple of times - its ok until we run out of surplus/unwanted/what Hubby P can prize off me - stock).
It must be said - the people who bought the toffee seemed to be Ladies of a certain age, shape and disposition as myself - no Posh Spice look-a-likes then!
I don't suppose Posh would know a good toffee if it hit her in the teeth! - and imagine the mess if the wrapper was to come off in her Gucci handbag! Anyway - I digress - how did I get to Posh Spice? - the Toffee was good - none left now - just neeeeed to make more!
Gotta go now Pancakes for tea! Ta ra for now xxx


  1. Gosh... what a lot of goodies you have there. The galvenised buckets are my favourite though!

  2. I love homemade treacle toffee. Yummy. Good selection of finds, you've got there. Those streamers take me back!

  3. I know what you mean,there's always lots of memories looking in a christmas decorations box. The books look interesting as well, I made some mini christmas socks to put on the tree and some christmas gift bags from material last year so I will get them back from my mum this year. Can't wait to see what you plant in your buckets!
    Josie x

  4. Eeeeeeh 4711 my mum used to wear that the stuff in the yellow bottle looks familiar is it Avon?
    Treacle toffee is gorgeous. Are you selling your Father Christmas decco or is it yours? It's just like one I inherited from my Mum and inadvertantly threw away (I chucked 2 bin liners of Xmas decs away by accident, and cried for a week as they had been collected by me and my family for years - what a twit!).
    I think your garden pots look ace and will keep an eye out for rusty old buckets for you :)
    Twiggy x

  5. Love the fact that you are now going to use galvanised containers in the garden. I'm sure they will look lovely in your cottage garden and ignore the dh.... mine would have banged the big vessal back into shape too.
    Those christmas decorations are beautiful and vintage; none around here that I have found. Well done with the perfumes - such a bargain!

  6. Hi Twiggy, I can magine you were so upset losing your family christmas dec's.
    I'm afraid Hubby P has mad Ebay zeal at the moment, he's listed them on Ebay late last night - I had given up on the day and gone to bed with a good book! His Ebay ID is 'pwhammond'if you want to track them down.
    Glad the new jobs ok!

  7. You really are organised thinking about the C word already. Time does fly quickly though doesn't it - perhaps I'd better get my thinking cap on and start getting organised! Your treacle toffee looks as though it would make good presents - very comforting on an autumn or winter day I think.

  8. Gosh those Christmas decorations take me back, I remember my mum having some just like that! Love the galvanised buckets etc. they'll look great with plants in.
    Toffee looks good I've never attempted to make it before.


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