Monday, 29 September 2008


Hi Folks!
I just love this time of year, the autumnal colours, that fresh earthy autumn smell - and the memories of times past, it brings with it.
I particularly love these Flag or water Iris, they grew in perfusion in the water meadows near my childhood home.
I have always taken a 'root' with me whenever I have moved house, and found a damp corner for it. I think the seed pods are particularly beautiful.
I picked these earlier today - just to have and admire in the house. I wondered - if I dried the seed, could I use it as beads - string them on some nice thread. I thought they would look pretty - rustic pretty!

Credit Crunch - Winter coughs and colds Preventative!

I had a little walk up the lane yesterday - to see what I could see see see! (who remembers that little rhyme - although it started as 'A sailor went''''?)
I digress - anyway I came home with a basket of hedgerow fruits, mostly blackberries although there are so few left now. So I made some of his Blackberry Cordial, said to cure all manor of coughs, colds and general chills!
Its just such a gorgeous colour - got to do you a world of good!

Hubby P kindly brought home this little book, he knows me well! Its full of serious useful country remedies, the not so useful and the down right silly!
The Blackberry Cordial has honey and brandy (well mine has whisky - what I had to hand - not literally!) in it, the idea is that as soon as you feel you may have a cold coming on, put a dash of cordial with hot water and sip said drink in bed.
After sampling last night - I am sure I had a chill from standing the Car Boot sale! - I think maybe I will be prone to 'chills' the winter!!

Car Boot Sale finds!
We had a stall again yesterday - the weather was great, bit chilly but fine and bright. We had a great time, its so much fun watching the world go by, having a good old natter with people. And of course you can still take turns (if there are two of you) to look around the stalls, and find 'goodies'!
I found these nice curtains, they are old toweling ones, the sort of thing we had in the bathroom when I was growing up in the 70s! The bag had lots of oddments of the fabric (old cushion covers I think) so I may keep the oddments to sew with and good old Ebay the curtains. It would be such a shame to cut them up!

This little picture is so bright and breezy, its a painting on glass in the shape of a dome, really pretty. I thought it just a bit different from the usual pictures we hang on the wall!
It reminds me of the Bluetits we get on our Apple tree.

This is a sad little tale, I was walking back to the car - I had just found this little basket - all for £1! People we starting to pack up their stalls, and as I walked past the various boxes of rubbish people leave, I saw this little dolly thrown in one of the boxes - my first thought was 'what a waste' some little girl, somewhere in the world, would dearly love a dolly like this. We are so obviously a nation of people with far too much, if we can throw so much away!
Anyway rather than 'Rant' on - I picked up the dolly - nothing wrong with her (she needs a bit of a wash is all ) - so I thought she could come live with us. Little people can enjoy her when they come to visit.

But - of course! she needs a Name! This is where you come in - if you can think of a nice name, leave me a Comment (with the name!) - and I will draw the winner out of a hat on Sunday 5th Oct. Winner gets a 'Seasonal Giveaway'!!
Go on - name the Dolly!
Speaking of hats! - I found a new one for the Winter, its a bit ' Men of Sherwood -y' or 'Robin Hood', but I like it! It cost the princely sum of £1 and its a Laura Ashley design!
Hows zat for style!

I know the photos a bit iffy - that's what you get when trying to take a photo of yourself with the aid of a mirror!

Ta ra for now! xx


  1. That cordial looks seriously good. Great Hat!

  2. I have giggled all the way through your post, lol, what a great sense of humour, lol.
    Minging taste though i really dont like blackberrys........ yuk so can i make the cordial out of say .......Just Whiskey!

    What a sad story poor ickle fing, i would call her *Beauty* but said like *Booty* if ya see what i mean?

    Thanks Honey for another great read.
    X x X x X

  3. I love the sound of that blackberry cordial - I've made some in the past, but without the whiskey! And I think the hat looks fab in situ!
    I'm not very good at names. Angel's Booty is sounding good! But how about Angel-in-Waiting.

  4. the cordial looks good and you look very smart in the hat, names mmmm not very good with choosing,so what about Ellie?
    Josie x

  5. My sister had a doll just like that when we were kids and she was called Susie - so that's my choice

    April xx

  6. Nice hat! you and your hats :) Send us some cordial will you, we've all got cold AGAIN, the joys of your child starting nursery. I love the towelling curtains, very pretty. Well as for the dolly how about Kojak or perhaps a little more kindly, Hermione.
    Twiggy x

  7. Well done at the booty and yep, the hat does remind me of Robin Of Sherwood!

    Knowing Angelsey quite well ;-) I'd call the doll Windy erm I mean Wendy. I bet it is windy at this time f year and next time you have a booty wrap up warm. I know that booty field and the wind just flies across.

  8. I think she looks like a Poppy!
    The cordial looks great, I love blackberries especially the smell.
    Love the hat, you'll be needing it now in this chilly weather.

  9. I vote Maisy for the doll!!


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