Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Day Playing Out In The Sun .. Lots Of Little Jobs Done.

Hello there ... hope you are all well ..
A real Spring like day today .. wall to wall sunshine .. 
a day to play out... 
and grab a bit of that lovely sun.

Well ... not so much playing ..
 more like 'at last' getting some outdoor jobs started ..

 I rooted about in the shed until I found a tin of undercoat .. 
I sanded down the conservatory windows and gave them a goodly coat of paint.
This conservatory never seems to get finished .. 
its still waiting to be sanded down and sealed with linseed oil ... Oh well .. one day.

 The Girls .. and George of course .. 
had new shavings in their deep litter shed .. and the outside scratch pen was forked over for them .. 
this causes great excitement as it turns up all sorts of worms grubs and other goodies. 
Their day was complete when I tipped a trug full of dead leaves into the scratch pen (sweeping up around the paths and whatnot) ... a look of pure bliss on their little faces ..
 Ahhh to be a chicken with leaves to scrat around in ..!

 Hubby P was his usual industrious self .. 
doing a bit of make do and mend ... here he is repairing an interesting little table .. giving it a new lease of life.

 A lovely little coffee table .. it is level and straight .. really
 ... its just me with the camera that's not altogether level ... 
and on many levels I should think !

 Here's the little trolley he was painting (on the last blog post)
 it looked more blue in the last pic ..
 now he has shabbied and waxed it it looks ...
well ..worn and shabby .. as it is supposed to do.

I really quite like this .. but I really do not have the room .. anywhere .. I've checked.

I thought you gardeners out there might like to see these .. they are the bees knees.

Nice little vintage .. cast (iron/metal?) Herb plant name plaques .. there are eleven in all ..  lovely things ..

 I think these are quite special ..

 I had a good old tidy up of my pots and containers .. 
and the old ladder/shelving thingy ... I like my old ladder it gives a bit of height and interest to my galvanised baths and pots garden. 
I or rather Hubby P .. with me doing the important 'pointing' bit .. moved the containers to the other side of the garden .. 
I fancied a shift around .. new season .. new look.

All looking ship shape around the pots bit.

And look what I found .. (no .. I don't want your rude thoughts!)

How thrilling for a Girl .....!
The first of my asparagus spears ... I have a little pot/galvanised bath actually.. of asparagus plants ..
and they are coming on really well .. 
of course it will be a few years before we see any real crops .. 
but hey ho' .. small things an all that!

Its getting to that time of year when everyday you find something new in the garden ...

So whats new with you ? 
I hope you have something to look forward to .. 
wherever you are ... 
whatever the weather is doing..

Take care x bye for now x


  1. Looking good Vicky, and I love those little herb labels. Now, on your step ladder you should have pots of Auriculas, as it makes the most perfect Auricula Theatre!

    The little table and trolley should sell well. A job well done.

    We have been out enjoying the sunshine, and tomorrow it's a Militaria Fair at Malvern. Selling has been quiet this month, but hopefully the weather will get folk putting their hands in their pockets a bit more!!

  2. I love to see the chickens , I wish i could keep some , Those plant labels they are gorgeous xxx

    1. Yes .. I must say I am lucky to be able to keep my few Girls .. and a noisy George !


  3. The sunny days are cheering me up. I do so love your garden. xx

    1. Hope its warming up a bit for you over there.


  4. New growth everywhere here and that means slugs ans snails. I am trialling nematodes this year for the first time. I hope they work as they do no harm to the birds,
    I like your old ladder arrangement, I often think beautiful old pots don't need plants in them to be gorgeous.

    1. Yes Kath .. i love my teeny tiny Victorian pots .. they are just so .. well nice .. and too nice to spoil with soil .. sounds a bit daft I know ...but you know what I mean.


  5. Oh I do love your garden, it's so full of interesting things, bits of treasure with a history.
    I love the trolley too. I have one just like it, but no room in the house ( it's in the garage at the moment) so I'm going to ' do it up' for the garden. It came in a lot which I picked up for a couple of pounds at auction - 5 items of furniture for pennies each.

    1. Thats the best sort of treasure .. cheap and cheerful .. you can experiment with doing it up and it really doesn't matter because it cost pennies. I often put interesting bits in the garden to live out their lives (chairs for the moss to take a hold .. and thrones for the fairies I would tell the children).


  6. Hi Victoria are the herb plaque names for sale?

    1. Sorry .. they were for sale .. snapped up first thing this morning .. before it was even light!


    2. Oh never mind x

  7. Great blog, we have had 5 days of dry sunny weather in a row, which after weeks of rain and wind is really rather awesome, so like you I've been catching up, pottering and creating in the garden. So good to feel some warmth from the sun on bare arms :)

  8. its wonderful to see spring though your photos, the lovely table will sell quickly, I just know it!


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