Saturday, 31 January 2015

Of Cute Horse-y Things... and Rag Rugs ..

Hello there ...
Just a few of this weeks doings to share with you.

 I thought this fabric was just fab ... its a reclaimed piece of Vintage French cotton .. I just love the old trains and the pretty ladies... not to mention the Cowboys and Indians!

 It depicts the models of trains and the fashions throughout the 1800's ..
quite an unusual piece .. I thought it would be nice to frame a section of it... or cushions .. something that would show off the detail of the cloth.
There are more photo's of it on eBay if you want to have a bit more of a peek at it ..

And something for me ..

 We did a bit of a clearance yesterday .. and this was amongst the findings ...
do you like my stripy handmade rug. 
It needs a bit of a wash .. I'm hoping it will wash okay .. and comes up bright and funky... someone has spent a long time pegging this.

Today saw us packing the van for trading tomorrow.

 What a job .. 
I think we had it all .. rain ..hail .. and strong gusty.. bitterly cold wind .. sometimes I think we are mad!

An a flask of coffee didn't really cut it!

Still ... we have to make a living ...
and we have some nice bits and bobs this week ..

 How do you like my little horse .. 
he's only small and showing his age a little .. but he's done well to survive the traumas of toddlers for such a long time.

If you look closely this one has pedals on the front wheel so the little passenger can scoot around under their own steam (or pedal power) .. how clever.

I know I am always saying it .. 
but its amazing what Hubby P finds tucked away in dusty attics.

 How do you like my lady .. she's rather exotic isn't she?

The lady selling her said she thought the original owner had her made to his specifications old flame perhaps?
She use to reside in a corner of his conservatory with a plant on her head..!

Hopefully she will find a new home .. in a warm conservatory .. 
bit nippy for the old bikini top at the moment.

Anyway .. enough waffle from me .. I'm off to make my egg butties ready for tomorrow ..
 Oh the classy life we lead..!

Bye for now x


  1. What fun things. I love the little push-along horse - 1900/Edwardian do you think? Love the little furry one too. We currently have two furry ones down in mum's which were bought v. cheaply just for the safety bases which we thought might do for Cobweb, but were both too small. They are a bit beyond being wanted though I may be able to put a heart-patch on a hole in the hind quarters of one of them . . .

    Unusual lady and I loved the tale about her. I presume her former owner was a bachelor?!! Lovely material too - that should sell well.

    You are able to pack some big things in your lorry. One Windsor chair and something else big and we are struggling to pack boxes around it in the back of the Doblo. I hope the weather warms up soon, as I know how miserable it is Stalling in the depths of winter. I hope you have leggings and a Liberty Bodice on underneath lots of other layers and a HUGE Thermos of hot soup or coffee.

  2. Indeedy it is a bit chilly ... I wear more layers than an old Lots and lots of hot drinks .. and I take my hotwater bottle!
    The van is big .. too big sometimes .. Hubby P will try and fill it everytime we go out .. its a huge amount to be unloading everytime ..
    Lets hope it warms up soon. And fingers crossed for Wed and your heating being sorted.

    Vicky x

  3. A much better life than stuck away in a stuffy office all day if you ask me, and you do it together. Love the fabric with the ladies, trains, cowboys and indians. Very unusual and interesting. Hope you have a lovely Sunday. Pam xx

  4. I love the new finds. I have a soft spot for old toys, and I've never seen anything like the horse and cart, I expect they wont hang around for long.
    I've just started making rag rugs and so have watched a few (!) videos.One lady was cleaning her tufted 'Rya' rug upside down in the snow, saying the dirt would just fall off- sounds like my kind of cleaning.

  5. Hard work but fun finds, I love the rug and hope it comes up ok! I wish the my hubby and I could work together! I love the fabric too! I wonder what tales those toys could tell! Hope you enjoy this cold but sunny Sunday!

  6. I have always wanted to make a rug like that one, they are really popular here but with pictures of bears and wildlife, primitive like, very sought after the old ones, I did try rug hooking once and ended up just do a chair pad, I hope you had a great sale and your egg butties sound very good, our favorite,

  7. Looks like an Ikea laundry basket in the back of the van, I have a similar one, same colour.

  8. love the material and the rag rug..........

  9. I do love all of the things you come up with! The fabric in the last post was wonderful! Is it on EBay?

    1. Hi Lynda .. yes lovely fabrics. The blue one is on ebay .. you can always check my ebay .. there is a link on my side bar just under the pic of me.

      Vicky x

  10. I'm coming up to visit Mum and Dad on Anglesey this weekend Vicky and will hopefully get the chance to come and say hello again and no doubt be tempted by all the lovely things on your stall. The white bread bin I brought from you has pride of place in my kitchen!

  11. love the fabrics today, I have been to the shop and bought the nursery rhyme squares and so pleased with them, thanks for the extra 2

    1. Glad you liked them .. they will look great made up into a quilt or something. Do you know which rhyme the pumpkin one represents?
      Have fun with your squares.

      Vicky x

    2. I know the one
      Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
      Had a wife and couldn't keep her
      He put her in a pumpkin shell
      And there he kept her very well

      I think this could refer to the the picture ??? just a guess

  12. loved the sharing!
    esp. the old push horse,
    would love to have him!
    hope the sale went esp. well for you!


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