Saturday, 6 December 2014

Oooo .. Its Crazy Hat Weather

 Hello there ... 
I know! ... three posts in a row .... my things must be slow here!

Hows this pic for a bare all .. work a day .. selfie!

You can tell its a bit nippy .. more skins than an onion....

We've been loading the van ready for trading tomorrow at Mona Car Boot Sale .... 
and I was taking some pic's for our work Facebook page ...
 just search Graig Trading ...
 if you are interested in our workaday stuff...

So I thought you might like to see some of tomorrows stock .. and whatnot.

I tend to forget to take the camera to work .. 
and I miss some great stuff that I think would make an interesting post ... 

I suppose I should embrace technology and get a camera phone.

How about these lovelies ... Vintage 1960/70's chairs .. 
in great condition . and so comfy.
I think these will go pretty quick .. there is a great demand for this mid century stuff.

Hubby P's nicely restored Vintage tools .. always a good seller .... 
often bought to give as gifts.

And cases .. always cases ..
 it seems the world and his wife want cases ...
 as storage under the bed .. 
as decorative storage on top of wardrobes ... 
to stack in the corner of a room ...
mind you I must say .. I do like the look and feel of a nice suitcase.

 A quick snap inside one of the units .. a little display of wartime books etc ...

Its always nice to find an interesting book ... 

a body can never have too many books.

These are interesting .. I don't think I have shown you these...

We found them last time we went on a buying trip ..
 they are huge and will need a nice big house to display them ... 
but Wow! .. what beauties ..

They are the real thing .. true vintage shabby chic ..

Made from plaster and horsehair over a wooden frame ..
  they resemble ceiling roses but they are/were made to cover vents in an old theatre.
 The old chap at the antique shop (in Accrington) said he had cleared the old cinema down the road ...
 now as a girl I knew it as the Odeon .. 
but before that I think it was the Regal .. before that I think it was a theatre.

He said they pulled the plaster mouldings down and he was amazed that they were only held up by 'a couple of old rusty nails'.. 

I thought they would be nice simply hung/stood against a wall .. especially in a nice conservatory with lots of greenery .. lovely old things.

Anyway I have rattled on more than I intended ... time for tea.

Take care .. bye for now x


  1. I always love old suitcases , you need to wrap up warm tomorrow , Its cold out there xxx

  2. "s body can never have too many books" - that could be my motto! x

  3. hello there!
    wonderful post!
    loved the vent covers too!

  4. My English aunt had armchairs very similar to the ones in your photo. They are a blast from the past!
    No, you can never have too many books! xxx

  5. You have some great stuff, particularly love your vent covers and wartime display of books. Sweet selfie :). Have a lovely Sunday will you, all the best from Pam xx

  6. Should have a successful, tho cold day, with all those lovely things.

  7. I hope you had a successful day today - you have some interesting things for sale. Defo. can't have too many books (says she who bought another 6 on the way home, but it WAS a sale - 3 for £5) and all but one are gifts . . .


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