Sunday, 14 December 2014

I Do Like To Peel A Thrifty Mushroom ...

 Hello there ..
Hope you have had a good day ... 
We've been working today .. it was cold .. but profitable...hey ho!

Just stopped by to show you my bargain of the day ...
just a case of being in the right place at the right time.

The veg stall had bags of these mushrooms in a box ... 
50p a bag... 
They don't look great .. getting past their best (but arn't we all!) ... 
but still good food .. good eating.

Nice people the veg stall ... a family run business ...
 On the '50p a bag ' sign some one had written 'ideal for soup'...
 Great marketing ploy because some people just wouldn't know what to do with .. urmm ..
 produce past its best ... or 'manky mushrooms' as a friend of mine remarked!

Anyway .. I know Hubby P isn't a great fan of mushrooms so I picked up just one bag ..
 thought I'd make a drop of soup for me .. I love soup ... as you know.
It was halfway through the day and obviously the manky mushrooms were not a great seller ..
 so the lady gave me a bag for free ... how kind ...
 I'm sure I will find something to do with them.

 Once we got in from work .. got the fire lit and the house warmed up ... 
To be honest I wasn't up to much..
So I had an enjoyable hour .. by the fire peeling mushrooms.
Once I had taken the outer skin off ... they were fine ... firm and wholesome flesh.
 And I found it a very therapeutic thing to do ....  
bit like peeling sunburn skin .. or is that a bit yuck!

So here they are ... a big colander full ..
What shall I do with them all ... a little soup perhaps ... any ideas?

Its funny/sad the kind of thing that can make a Girls day ... ha ha.

Keep warm and toasty 
Bye for now x


  1. Cheap supermarket pate, stuff them, and batter them , food of the

  2. Lucky you!
    I slice & freeze them, good to use in fried rice or for cooking with.

  3. Oooo mushroom omlette or mushroom quiche would be my suggestion
    Twiggy x

  4. so glad your sale went well,
    but as for me, I will pass on the mushrooms,
    me & your Mr.,
    my Mr. would love them sauteed with onions,
    on a bit of good steak with cheese melted & sprinkled across the top.
    steak here is a rare treat, once or twice a year at most!

  5. I toss them in with a can of drained chick peas add a mix of vegetable oil, curry powder and cumin seeds and roast them for about 15 minutes, lovely hot and just as nice cold. A good bargain there.

  6. What a bargain, and they look fine now they're peeled don't they. (And YES there is something VERY therapeutic about peeling sunburnt skin .... as long as it's your own, I can't stand to watch someone else do it to theirs!!)

    As I don't like mushrooms and my Lovely Hubby does, I find a punnet of them goes off before he can eat them all so I tend to slice whatever's over and freeze them. Then they're great for adding to stews and soups for him in the future.

  7. I just cut them up and freeze them in a bag. If they freeze in a clump, I bash the bag on the worktop and shove them in a multitude of recipes, cooking from frozen.

  8. garlic mushrooms on toast for me!

  9. Creamy mushrooms on toast or soup.
    I don't even peel 'manky mushrooms' but I don't leave them lying around for too long.


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