Thursday, 17 April 2014

And Knickers To You ...!

Hello there...
Hope you are all having a good week...
Busy as always here .. getting new stock ready for Easter Weekend trading.

These pretty blankets should make a nice splash of colour on the stall.
Ideal for summer picnic's .. or just snuggling on the sofa ... I sell a lot of blankets.

I really do like this colourful crocheted blanket ...
I am sorely tempted .. but really ...
how many blankets does a Girl need!

And speaking of Girls .. and all things feminine ...
 hows about these for a pair of knickers ... 
bit draughty what..!?

Yes indeedy ... Victorian 'Gutters' ...
 or crotchless knickers ... 
once upon a time ladies didn't wear panties or knickers or anything much .. 
then the Victorians came along with their discreet attitude to everything ..
 and everything had to be covered for modesty's sake.
The problem being that when you are wearing a crinoline hoop and yards and yards of fabric .. you cant lift the whole thing up to ... well get yer knickers down basically.
So these were the answer and when you wanted to 'go' .. you simply 'straddled a gutter' .. (roadside drain etc) and piddled.. or whatever the ladylike Victorian word would be.
Thus .. they were known as Gutters..

Think I would feel a mite undressed in these flimsy things.

Now these are really chunky and fit for purpose ...

I just loved the whole chunky .. warm .. sturdiness of these 
shooting socks .. 
and the colours are just fab ...
just the thing to go with your plus fours.

Another era altogether .. and a splash of colour ...
curtains for a retro look .. a Francis Price  design called Overtures.
I never ceases to amaze me what comes in ..

Hubby P has just this minute bought home a wonderful horse hair settee (sofa) with little bun feet .. and a Victorian oak crib... and whole lot of other bits and bobs..

He's been so busy this week .. mostly trying to get this finished for a client.

This lovely old wardrobe has been with the family a long time .. it came to us in pieces a bit the worse for wear after being stored in an outhouse for a while. Our client had bought a huge chest of drawers from us ... finished .. as this is now in this french grey.
She asked for restoration of the wardrobe and this finish .. so the pair could furnish her daughters new bedroom.
I am pleased to say she is very happy with her wardrobe .. so its on to the next project for us.

At least the weather is fine .. and its a pleasure to work outside.
I noticed today the first of the seeds are showing .. and the trees are leafing up ...

'how does your garden grow?'

I hope you lot over the water are seeing signs of the snow going .. its seems an awfully long winter for you.

Bye for now x


  1. What fun things end up with you! I had never heard of those Victorian knickers being called "gutters" before. Can you imagine standing over the gutter for a wee and trying to look nonchalant?! That will make me smile all night now : )

    I planted more seeds yesterday - indoor cucumbers, and two lots of purple dwarf French beans, one with stripes on. Plenty more to get started.

    1. Nonchalant's the word ..see if you can practice the look in the mirror!

  2. Oh, those Victorians. But, but, forgive me, didn't it run down their stocking legs too?
    The blankets are lovely. xx

    1. Obviously it a perfected trick .. may need to sqat a little .. I dont believe we are even contemplating !

  3. What an interesting and busy life you have, I love seeing all the bits and bobs you find.x

    1. The only down side is eats up all our life .. but its a nice ride ..

  4. nothing growing here, still snow on the ground but lets not talk about that, I would love to see the photos of the horse hair settee an the other treasures, the Victorian knickers , they have held up well, how old are they? Thats amazing, you have the best job, ha ha, I know , how many times have I told you that, I wait anxiously for you to post!!

  5. As a teenager I went to lots of weekend open air music events. The loos where always disgusting so the order of the day for the girls was long skirts and no knickers. When the need arose it was time for a nonchalant stroll to the woods, there were always woods bordering the events.

  6. Lol , the kickers , i love anything old and interesting but i am so glad that i was not born a victorian woman, my seedlings are doing really well , getting ready to plant them in the garden soon xxx

  7. I love your down to earth blog,,, We over the Pond, hopefully just had our last snowstorm..

  8. Love the crocheted blanket too x We only rotavated our veg patch yesterday for our seeds, it's only just dried out from all those storms at the beginning of the year! I'm not even going to mention the knickers!!

  9. You do find some interesting things to sell on. Such pretty blankets and as for the "gutters"....... I`m very glad I wasn`t a Victorian!

  10. pretty nice blog, following :)

  11. It was lovely to meet you in person today at Valley and have a nice chat


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