Sunday, 16 February 2014

Just A Work Day ... A Few Snap Shots ...

Hello there ... 
not a great deal to show you today ....
so I thought I would just share my day ... my working day..

There was a lovely sparkling moon shining down on us as we left the house.
We arrived at the Car Boot Sale site ... it was still very dark .. we have to be there early and get in a line of vehicles if we want a place inside the large showground sheds. 

Its not unpleasant sat cocooned in the snug darkness of the cab ... I have a blanket around my knees and a hotwater bottle to keep me toasty warm....
and of course my trusty basket of coffee .. hot soup and sandwiches ... for later.
Its fascinating sat watching all the goings on .. even at that early hour ... people are arriving .. greetings can be heard ... deals are being done ... heads in the back of vans ... its all very busy.

As soon as we are in the sheds everyone sets too .. setting up their stall ... the early birds are there hustling for the choice pieces.
Today we had a heap of tweedy coats and hats ... lots of lovely white lacy linen.

The usual vintage scarves ... compacts... jewelry and the like. 

A lot of new in Vintage clothing from the 1950/60's ... this sun dress and jacket made a nice splash of colour.

Pretty brooches ...

Beads and bangles ..

This Sunday Car Boot is on all the year round on the Showground at Mona ... 
a smaller affair during the winter ... but it grows and grows in the summer .. it can be huge .. lots and lots of stalls .. lots to see and bargains to buy.
It is rather like a market in that it has stalls selling just about everything ... from vintage collectables ... to your everyday groceries.
Today I just grabbed my camera and took a few quick shots early on .. just before it got too busy and crowded with people.

 One of the fruit and veg stalls ....

Nice .. fresh as you like veg..

The cheese stall ... some seriously tasty local cheeses here .. a girl could go mad! I limit myself to one a week ... this week I have the Wensleydale with cranberries.

The butcher van .... just the same company that does the local markets .. good value meat .. and often in summer he does BBQ packs and whatnot for the holiday makers ... nothing quite like bangers (sausages) on the beach!

Micheal here sells toilet rolls .. kitchen paper... washing up liquid and the like .. during the week he supplies the B&B's and hotels and whatnot... always a busy man.

We even have a chap who sells fishing gear for the men (and women... of course!) ... not that I know anything about fishing .. but he does a roaring trade during the season ... we have lakes rivers and of course the sea on our doorstep.
He often sits behind his stall tying fly's/flies? ... 

There are a number of stalls selling lovely ..interesting vintage and collectable things ..
these are all beautifully restored.

They are all labelled .. good job because some of them are so unusual you couldn't even guess what they were used for ... and yet they would be in regular use at one time.

All that lovely wood ... 

and shiny brass ... 
its a feast for the eyes ...

Anyway that was my day ...the sun shone .. the people came out... we had a good day .. 
the packing up is always the hard bit ...
but now we are sat by a nice fire warming our tootsies.

Hope you enjoyed the trip ... its a funny old job we do .. when I was a girl I wanted an outside job ... but I never envisaged myself doing this ... life is a funny old journey.

And as they say ... it takes all kinds to make a world ..
so what kind are you ?
... what do you do or did do .. I know many of you are retired ... 

there are so many jobs .. ways of life/living out there ...

xx bye for now xx 


  1. Your day sounds interesting & fun, my working day means keeping 4 large printer/copiers working, usually non-stop

  2. Thank you for sharing your day, how very interesting it is, lots of lovelyness around you. Mind you I would have to be well away from that delicious looking cheese stall... I would be bankrupt! I used to love market days, even frozen stiff ones, I was always amazed at people wanting to buy my home baking and preserves! Then I moved to working in a bakery/cake shop, which I loved too until half the shop was turned into a cafe... Everything went downhill after that, now after 18 months its just another greasy spoon thats lost its valued customers and all its long serving staff. I have to say retirement has its advantages :-) xx

  3. I'd love to have a good rummage around your car boot sale, we don't have anything locally. Lots of interesting looking items on those stalls :)

  4. I'd love a look around there!
    Lots to see, the brooches and jewelry would get me, and all the food !
    My job has always been HOME, I take care of my 2 fellows, one disabled &
    one 21 who runs circles around us both, and his dog thrown in for more mischief!

  5. Looks like a brilliant boot sale and one I'd definitely be visiting if I lived in your area! I always love that feeling of being up very, very early before nearly anyone else. It makes the actual daylight seem a bit boring after the somehow exciting feeling of getting up in the middle of the night! Or perhaps that is just a leftover from when I was a kid and getting up then always meant something exciting.

    You have some lovely items for sale, too, must be so much fun getting them together.

  6. What a fabulous car booty! Wish I lived nearer, Victoria. I haven't ventured to our local one at Ulverston cattle mart (do you know it?) this side of Christmas, because every Sunday I set my alarm, and when I look out of the window at the howling wind and rain, I crawl back into my warm bed ...

    Am really impressed that you get up even earlier to set your stall up, and stay all day. I'm afraid I wouldn't make much, I'd be spending it at all the other stalls! Your tweed jackets look very interesting, my daughter likes that look, tweed and lace ...

    Have a lovely week, and hope the weather treats you kindly!

    Love Claire xx

  7. We finally did our car boot sale last week at a local, long established boot sale in Bridgemary Community School, which is very similar to your one. In the summer they are heaving with stalls, buyers and sellers and you can get anything there. In the winter they do far less but people still come out at silly o'clock to grab a bargain. We just had lots of odds and sodds to get rid of from our storage unit but did well, even though there were not many sellers or buyers. Most stalls were like ourselves, inside the main hall. I am not sure I could get into doing it regularly, but of course, selling is your business - for me it was just a way of making some money out of our unwanted goods (except the couple of really 'good' things that I brought home to ebay, that got put into the Brownies Jumble sale box by mistake. Oops, lost a bit there, but hopefully the Brownies benefited from the slip up as well as taking all our surplus goods. Thank you for sharing, you have some lovely stock.

  8. I've done a couple of car boots( Quite a few years ago now) where I sold veg and flowers, home made jams cakes etc. I really enjoyed doing them. Getting ready was not easy and deciding what to charge was difficult.
    Our way of life, hardly a living, is smallholding. My paid employment until I retired 5 years ago was Social Work.
    We still "work" on the smallholding and provide day care and respite to men with special needs.

  9. I love the buzz and banter of the car boot sales, but not the cheeky folk who want things for nothing and then get rude when you try and laugh off the ridiculous offer.

    I don't miss the cold, cold starts though or that finger tingling as you finally start to thaw out half way through the afternoon.

    You seem to have a really good mix of folk selling at this particular car boot, we'll have to visit one Sunday morning and have a good look for ourselves. But as we are hoping to only do one sale ourselves this year I think we'll wait for the warmer weather until we take a stall.

  10. I went to buy at the first car boot of the year yesterday but it was very disappointing ...nothing like yours! I would have loved to have a rummage at your stall!

  11. Oh the misses would have loved those vintage compacts in your “Beads and Bangles” photo. They would have been a great addition to her collection.

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  13. try again without the spelling mistakes!
    My local boot sale starts again in the Spring & I have missed it!
    ps I work in a library but my ideal job would be one where I can stay in my wellies all day!

  14. We are car booters ! Hubby is a regular when his day job allows and he gets a weekend day warmer weather we go as a family sometimes......and have back to back stalls so the children can dance between us...though since they are older....13 and 10 now, they often take a sleeping bag in the back of dads van..... snore through the morning.... appearing only for a sausage sandwich and a stroll about when we are packed up to go.....! I love the banter and friendship of the regulars....stall holders and customers alike......I must do a blog post about booting myself....many a story to tell......!! Its a great way to people watch.....!! Reading your posts always gives me the itch to want to go looking for treasure !

  15. I cant wait for the car boot sales to start around here although i don't get up as early as you do , i just physically cant do it for health reasons but even though i don't go as early as some buyers i always seem to come back with a bargain or too , i cant stand normal retail shopping now as i get so much of a buzz , like most people in the comments i wished i lived nearer o go to yours if we go on holiday to wales i will have to check it out xxx


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