Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Spring Clean .. Without The Spring...

Hello there .... 
well ... the North Wind doth STILL blow ... 
but no snow ....just yet..

So there has been rather a lot of this ... sitting around ... although not as quite as much as the cat.

It gave me a chance ... or rather no excuse not to ...get on with some mending .... do people mend these days?
I seem to spend an awful lot of time mending Hubby P's clothes ...
mind you that could just be him ... throwing himself around ... finding sharp corners to get caught up on.
Buttons are the thing with him ... forever losing buttons ... and because he wears button braces .. lots of buttons.

 And really ... there is nothing worse than the sight of a gentleman's botty hanging out of his trousers ... especially a gent of a certain age ... and well ... with Hubby P lifting ... stretching and bending a lot ... we do rather consider the braces a must ...
we do want to keep our lady customers. 

So that was a good job done.

I had a good sort out too ... bit of a Spring Clean really ...

I turned out all the drawers and wardrobe .. and had a sort through our clothes ... any past their usefulness went for rags ...
It feels so much better ... having tidy shelves and being able to see just what exactly is in there.
I found I was washing and wearing the same few jumpers because it was such a jumble in there .. and I hadn't the patience to look through the 'heap' for something different.
Amazing what you find! 

I had a huge box of scarves ... I do love a pretty scarf .... but I was firm with myself and turned them out ... gave them a gentle wash ... and sorted through them.
Some I had never worn .... lovely but wrong colour for me .. so they will go to be sold on.
I do wear my scarves .. but again I had got into the habit of wearing just the same few. I find a simple silk scarf around my neck keeps me that extra bit toasty.
If I think back to when I was a girl ... all the ladies wore a scarf ..
they knew a thing or two those old girls!

Of course doing what we do ... I find lots of vintage scarves ... all the older ladies have a stash of them ... and I suppose they were an ideal ... modestly priced gift.
So of course ... in theory I can have my pick of scarves ...
 but what I tend to do is keep the damaged ones ... 
and I find the older used frailer ones have a lovely ....
 softly aged .. feel to them.

Look how pretty and fragile this one is ... and yet it is so warm to wear .. and makes a girl feel so pretty.

So .... enough playing with the pretty scarves...

I spent a couple of hours running up a cushion and throw from a damaged set of vintage curtains ... make do and mend .... waste not ...and all that.

Scarves had dried ... and pressed...

So I returned the ones I am keeping to their hat box...

Don't look at the unmade bed ... I have just climbed out of it (its Sunday afternoon)....
I find the best way to get my joints warmed up ... after standing the car boot from 4.30 am this morning ... is to climb into bed with a hot water bottle for an hour.
Although I am really well wrapped up and I do have a nice bit of carpet (like a big mat) to put my chair and work table on .. behind the stall ... our stall is so large I end up walking from one end to the other.. serving customers ... and the cold seeps up from the concrete into my joints ...

just a little down side of the job ...

Hopefully soon the sun will shine ... 
and we can have nice hot days selling on the field ...
 and become brown as berries .. 
and have a good old merry time!

Anyway whilst I am in the bedroom ... here's a bit of a join in thingy....
You know how people ask on their bog ....
what's on your kitchen window/by your front door etc....

Well ....

This is my bedside cabinet ... so whats on yours ...?

Do you like my two little Batmen .... always and forever will I think of my 'boys' as little caped crusaders!

Bye for now xx


  1. I absolutely adore the lamp on your bedside table, it's beautiful ! On my table is a radio alarm clock, a lamp with a rosy shade, a basket of my favourite books and a wooden heart shaped coaster for my morning teacup!

    You deserve a medal carbooting at 4.3am, and must say I can't wait until the summer for the car boot sales, but I'm usually a customer not a seller. The scarves are very pretty, and tomorrow I thin I'll have a good sort out in my wardrobe, you've inspired me ...

    Love Claire xx

  2. Hi Claire .. the weather is so rubbish .. we may as well sort out the house.. then when the sunshines we can play out.
    I have two of those pretty lamps .. one either side of the bed.. the bases are pink glass ... a real treat to myself last year.. I spent the shopping money on them!

  3. On my bedside table I have a lamp, a stack of books, a mug rug for my tea, spare specs and cleaning stuff for my specs. How do they get so dirty and where does all that dirt go if you do not wear them? I am a scarf lover, I hang them with the clothes that I like to wear them with, that way they all get their turn.

  4. The weather here is COLD too. I am so looking forward to more pleasant temps. As to my bedside table..I picked up an old fashioned set of mirror ( the kind with a handle) and matching brush, comb, and some little glass pots with the top matching. Useless, but pretty! And of course a lamp and a box of tissues.

  5. On my bedside table are a big stack of books, box of Kleenex, glasses and tube of hand cream. I love old delicate scarves, they are usually so soft.

  6. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts.
    I have been reading previous posts and really appreciate your words.
    My bedside table has a cute lamp, with a brass base and a folded cream material shade, a clock radio with huge numbers, too big really and too bright, I must look for a different one. A little gold tone basket with all sorts of night and eye creams and hand lotions. A cork coaster with a cats face on it. Two library books, reading glasses and a bottle of Tums!
    So not much room, it all juggles for space, I must have a sort out.
    Take care everyone.
    Pam in Texas. xx

  7. love the old scarves, not to wear but to touch and gaze upon.
    a green metal lamp, tissues, an alarm clock, my electric blanket control!
    I freeze, it is a lovely luxury on a cold night, when the wind is howling in the cracks of this old house.

  8. What a lovely post. I know JUST what you mean about the cold seaping up through your bones from being on concrete on a cold winter's car booting day. My late ma-in-law had LOTS of little scarves, which got passed on to my girls. I still come across them in odd drawers. She liked ones like you have, and little georgette ? squares. She ALWAYS wore beige and firmly believed that any COLOUR (a dangerous thing, COLOUR) should be in the form of a brooch or a little scarf at the neck!!!

    Bedside table is actually an old mahogany trunk, with a wooden stand to go under my tall lamp which has a pretty china floral base (a non-seller for some reason, so I ended up keeping it). A stack of books to read beside that, my stein full of water for night-time sips, a place mat with hollyhocks on which was a freeby from a charity letter, and the current reading book. Oh, and my eye drops, and a chunk of rutilated quartz (good for poorly chests when clutched in hot little hands) and a chunk of a blue crystal I forget the name of.

    I was trying to see what book you were reading? I've just finished A Room With a View (Tam and I off to Florence next month - whooppee!!!) and consigned it to the Charity Shop box as I didn't care for his one-dimensional cardboard characters.

    Oh, and I'm a mender btw. We have clothes for best, then they go for shopping, then walking, then gardening and painting and finally end up as rags or fuel for the fire . . .

  9. I will take a photo of what's on mine and Blog about it later this week, without tidying, now there's a promise :-)

    I too love wearing scarves and find the older ones however thin and fragile they look seem to keep the draughts away so much better. I even think a scarf around your neck is as good as an extra layer of clothing. I used to always wear one when working in my little shop (the door was always open) or out on the carboot stall to keep cosy.

  10. I daren't show you my bedside table - it's not as tidy as yours. Your scarves are lovely. I don't wear them as I get too hot with something round my neck. I prefer as few layers on as possible. The sun is shining here today but it's not that warm yet.
    Love from Mum

  11. I mend things; yesterday I took 5 minutes to repair a pair of hubby's boxers; they were probably £2 to begin with so that's £24 an hour I just earned! (If I'd mended 12 pairs in 1 hour, that is.)

  12. Sadly our bedroom is too tiny, so I have no bedside cabinet :-)

  13. Apologies - I forgot to say it looks as if you're reading Miss Read, although I may be mistaken. I love her books - have them all and use her cookery book occasionally too!

    1. Yes indeed a Miss Read .. I have all the books and like to have a few pages of her gentle words before I nod off.

  14. I have done the same thing this week sorted through my clothes and scarves, now off to tackle another room.

  15. I use to wear a lot of scarves when I was walking the dogs, it was the only thing that keep my ears from hurting. Nowadays I wear a deerstalker hat!
    My bedside cabinet holds my diary and about ten library books that I've got to work my way through before their return date of Feb 24th!

  16. My bedside table has a lamp, a stack of about six books currently on the go, reading glasses, and a decorative wooden box full of trinkets.
    I don't envy you standing in the cold at 4:30 am, brrrrr!

  17. Hi Vicky, I am just watching the news and Anglesey has just been on showing the terrible weather conditions I do hope you are both keeping warm and safe. Batten down the hatches and take special care. Karen xx

  18. My bedside table has a fibreglass tray, on which stands, a lamp, a china bowl containing my boxes of medication and a china pin tray. Sometimes it has a book and my reading glasses too.
    I wear scarves a lot too.

  19. Tonight my bedside table has on it a lamp, clock, mobile, kindle, glasses, notepad, pen and a mug of hot chocolate oh and a dirty ring from the cuppa I had in bed this morning!! Xx


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