Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Junk That Greets Me Daily....

Hello there ....
just a bit of a random ... kinda off the wall post tonight ...

I've been waiting .. and waiting ... for a break in the rain to get some bright outside pic's of bits and bobs for ebay..

Well as you know ... if you are living in the UK .. there's been no chance of that ... very soggy wet here ...

So I gave up and decided I would have to photograph them in doors ... I had a play about to see what would work .... how could the item be best displayed .. I like to try and give a 'true' picture and description of the item.

I rolled out my 1950's hospital screen.

We have had a few of these handy to screen off areas ... and we often take one to the car boot to use as a display stand .. and hang clothes for sale on it.

As an aside .... I thought the fabric on the screen looked a bit like a pineapple ... my healthy treat this week.

Anyway back to the 'Carry On Matron' screen ... this one has its original blue fabric covering .. I saw the very same ones being used in the 'Call The Midwife' programme ... exciting!

So I rolled out the screen ... Hubby P of course makes some silly comment ....'Ooooo Matron'....
so I quickly wrapped him up it the screen and made some silly suggestions myself ... he fled out of the door pronto ...!

It seems he didn't want to play Doctors and Nurses ... 
shame ...
 but it got him out of the way.

Free to wield the camera now ...
I scanned the hallway ... come dumping ground ... I'm sure most people have them ... its the bit we always hide when taking photos.

I espied some feet ... try and ignore the dust and muck ....

I'm afraid the top of the lady hasn't a head  ... I just pop my hat on top ...

 The mannequin is another unfortunate soul who has come to live with us ... I have draped her nakedness in an old 40's housecoat ... and she looks after my warm car boot coat between outings ...

I know it just looks like I have just thrown it around her ...
and I have ...
Like I said ... no frills today.

 Back to the Hello Matron theme ....

I also have this old bathroom cabinet ... love its 'batteredness' that a word?

and it is filled with all kinds of old medical supplies ... nothing lethal of course...

I just love all the old containers ... 
just look at the Fullers Earth tin .... 
they just don't make anything like it today .. its all horrible plastic.

And the lovely bottles ....
just love it all ....
not that any of it is 'useful' ...

But it makes me smile ...

What daily clutter greets you  ... what makes you smile?



  1. I think most kitchens have a drawer that everything is bunged into. We have one, it's contents include phone chargers for phones we no longer have, pizza and take-away menus that get put through the door, screws, nuts and bolts, boots of string, all sorts get put in there!

  2. I love all the interesting stuff you have around your house, especially the old household stuff and vintage packaging :)

  3. Gosh, I think we'd be very much at home in each other's houses! We are still clearing the Junk Room (sold several boxes of china, tray of ditto, lamp and huge picture frame at auction today). Three more boxes china in hallway to go to another sale, and ALL my winemaking stuff and some culled very dated cookery books went to the Green charity shop this week, so I am being GOOD!

    Love your fur coat for the car boot sale. I have a mink and a musquash which we acquired with a box of odds years back - they weren't there when we viewed it and bit on it, but had been added when we picked it up!

    No Hospital Screens here, but we do have some WWII wound dressings. As you do!

    Camphorated Oil takes me back to my childhood, when mum used to get my dad to rub it on her back if she had a cold or something. Then poor man, he had to share the Camphorated Oil fumes all night!

    1. Do check your lamps .. we were pulled by Trading Standards last week ... I had put one of our household lamps (one I had been using and got fed up with) on the stall ... TS are on a mission out and about a lot.

    2. Thanks Vicky. We only had one plug-in one on offer last year and no-one would buy it so it's my bedroom lamp now (beautiful floral ceramic base). The others we have are all oil lamps. TS are a pain - the reason I don't sell home-made edibles when we go car booting, although many folk do.

  4. Lots of loveliness in this post, you could run a props department!

  5. we have a spare bedroom full of of stuff , like you , its something we try to hide , love you boot sale coat i will look out for something like it to keep me warm lol xxx

  6. Love that old cabinet of medical stuff. reminds me of my dear great aunt who was an ex nurse and her whole house was full of stuff like that! !

  7. Golden eye ointment! i do believe you can still get it from Boots!
    You can't beat Ellimans' (think that's how you spell it), rubbing emulsion I think it was in a bottle, you could get some for the horse too, my Dad always bought the horse one, he said it was the best for his aching muscles, especially when he'd been digging in the garden!

  8. I love your old medicine cabinet and the 1950`s hospital screens. Memories of the old cottage hospital where my Mum used to nurse.

  9. love your green fabric, it really caught my eye!

  10. I thought I'd got rid of our clutter but I still keep spying some, I think it breeds in corners when I'm not looking!!

  11. I am dreadful at putting something in a corner for storing away later, it somehow never gets done and every time I walk pas the reminder is there. I love how you have decorated your walls could you give us another peek and describe how to achieve the effect (that is if you haven't already one so). Old packaging has a certain beauty about it that leaves all of the new stuff looking like "tat".


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