Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Its Got To Be A Pudding Sort Of Day .....

Hello there ...
well ... what a cold and miserable day ...

the sort of day you need a good pudding...

What nicer than a syrup sponge pudding and a dollop of custard.

A friend had kindly given us some duck eggs ... now I can't eat them as eggs ... as it were .. you know what i mean... fried .. scrambled etc .. somehow they don't agree with my tummy.
Gran use to say they were too 'strong'...?

But they are ideal for baking with.

So today when we got home ... after we had stood working all morning at the car boot sale .... I put a pheasant casserole in the oven ... and scoured the cupboards for the making of a nice sponge pudding. 

I just used a single duck egg and its weight in butter.. sugar.. and 
S R flour.  Trying to use up oddments from the cupboard I used some soft brown sugar ... very sticky.

I simply greased a pudding bowl .. put a good spoonful of syrup in the bottom and the sponge mixture on top ..
it joined the pheasant in the oven.

As you can see .. the pudding looks a bit sorry for itself ... drooping in the middle .. something has gone a bit awry..

But turned out with a dollop of custard ....

It will taste just fine.
And it did ... it was delightfully soft sweet and sticky

As the wind ... yet again... whistled around the cottage ..
 and the rain lashed the windows ...
we sat around a nice warm fire  .. well i did ...
 Hubby P sat catching up with the news online ....
and tucked into a nice warming pudding.

Lovely ...

I have some duck eggs to use up .. any ideas? 



  1. I have just mentioned your pea and ham soup in my post....now I need some pudding!

  2. Oh yummy rib sticking syrup pudding, i agree, its a must on a cold winters day! I dont buy duck eggs so havent a clue, but if using them in baking doesnt upset your tummy then maybe a nice spicy fruit cake or a ginger loaf cake.

    My daughter in law rang me today to see if I wanted any ducks for the freezer....only if they are on a tray covered in cling film please...I am a bit squeamish when it comes to food with its feathers still on! Love a freebie :-) x

  3. Currently snowed in and still coming down...this weather calls for comfort food...bean soup and puddings! Thanks for the reminders...no idea what to do with duck eggs. I think I would just keep on baking!

  4. Wow, pheasant followed by syrup pudding - a meal fit for a king (or queen).

  5. Sponge pudding and custard mmm , I think i might go and do so baking to cheer me up x

  6. Oooh you can't beat a hot sweet pud with custard on a cold day.

    It looks like you've sat Hubby facing a cupboard for being naughty, good job you mentioned he was online :-)

  7. I do my sponge puddings in the microwave - we like the chocolate one but as DH is on a diet no more cake making at the moment. I'm still eating up some German cake given to us at Christmas - it was a large chunk. The Germans are very keen on cake! I love the white pudding basins for cooking a sponge. I use a large one when I make a crumble.
    Love from Mum

  8. My daughter makes treacle pudding in the microwave. It's lush. Just right for cold, dull days and this time of year when we need that extra energy to keep warm!


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