Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nice Gifts and Good Eating ...

Hello there ...
thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post ... its so nice to read your thoughts on the blog. I try and keep it a bit 'allsorts-y'...
bit of this ... bit of that ...
I guess its how my mind works anyway ... 
after all I am a Gemini!
Today it has been colder ... and the winds are back.

 The remains of our 'use it up' tea ... Lentil and Bacon soup .... Hubby P demolished it before I thought to take a pic .... and some cheese and a surprise bit of ham.

 Hubby P wandered in earlier with gift of a small gammon joint .... from a friend ... a single chap who likes to cook ... 
but invariably makes too much ... 
especially at this time of year.
He thought I could make some soup ... or something?

How very nice ... we haven't had Ham this Christmas ...
and I am certainly not too proud to turn my nose up at good food...
I shall make him a nice cake in return ... he likes a nice cake ..

 After tea I gathered together what I had in the way of veg ...

 Dropped  a knob of butter in the soup pan and chopped the onion... couple of sicks of celery and couple of carrots small ... and softened them in the butter.
Chopped the remaining ham ... added that.
Added a stock cube... water and a handful of lentils .. and simmered for half an hour or so.
Then I added two portions of the cheapo AF mushy peas that I had put in the freezer.
One nice big pot of pea and ham soup for tomorrow.


 Another thoughtful gift this year was a large box of lovely fruit and nuts ... the sort I would not buy for ourselves (Hubby P usually has to have reduced 'yellow sticker' nuts after Christmas) .... 
my sister ... 
she knows me well!

 At this time of year its so nice to have something refreshing ... something bursting with goodness ... after indulging in all the stodge and sugar.

 It gave me a bit of a kick up the 'you know what' .... and I dragged my little wonder machine (my juicer) out of the cupboard and gave it a freshening wash.

 Oh the magic of the green juice ... how refreshing and stodge busting ... just love it.
I don't have set recipes ... I just tend to juice what I have .. most days I put some kale in (I have it in the garden) and apples for sweetness. Carrots are good and cheap ... and cucumber gives lots of 'fresh' tasting juice.
Its nice this way because its always different ...

A pick me up for the long wintry weeks ahead ...
 here's hoping it fends off all the nasty cold and flu germs that are going around.

 So how are you faring .... has the tree come down?
 are you still wading through the turkey?

My flowers are lasting well ... considering the heat from the fire ... blue roses have gone .. all but one.
 Do take care ... and keep warm .. or cool .. I believe its unbearably hot in some parts of the world.... 

What a topsy turvy place we all share!



  1. We had soup for lunch yesterday and today - leek and potato made with homegrown stuff - yum. Trees and all decorations are down, labelled and packed away until next year. It's good to be back to normal.

  2. Oh there's an idea...we have some ham in the fridge so it's pea and ham soup tomorrow! Thank you x

  3. One of my best gifts was a parcel of fruit/veg and a curry and a bag of frozen lamb chump chops, with 4 little bottles of beer from 2 women I used to live next door to (almost), and it was great! Just a few carrots left, will make a hearty veg soupy stewy thing in a pan and have some home made bread with it.
    I might make some p&h soup later in the week.

  4. Me again! I keep meaning to ask about the bowl on your table with the geodes on - what is it made of? It's lovely. xxx

    1. Hi you ... yes the bowl is pretty ... got it off a carboot stall ... of course!
      I really don't know what it is .. the inside and bottom is glass (I think) with the outer looking like a kind of crystal ...or very cleaver glass lookalike crystal ... its hard to say. Pretty though.

  5. what lovely gifts, ham and fruit and nuts, those are gifts I would love, I wondered how long your blue roses would last, they were so pretty though, it is minus 30 celcius here tonight and yes I said minus, thats very very cold,

  6. Somehow I knew you would be a Gemini too!
    Keep warm

  7. Just about to make the last Turkey sandwich!

  8. The last bit of turkey was consumed two days ago. My small Christmas tree will be packed away next weekend, as the Monday after I`ll go back to work.
    How thoughtful of your sister to give fruits and nuts for Christmas. I`m now back to my healthier eating and I`m merrily making plans for meals that will assist in weight loss. I love the challenge. I also like your green health shake with kale added. I shall make some of that for myself as I also have kale in my garden. It`s nice to have a fresh start to the New Year.

  9. Foodie gifts are the best, ours was veggies yesterday. The weather has been awful today, wet and windy again, nothing achieved today! Must try harder tomorrow. I will pass on the juice..its far from being my thing...wonder what the colour would have been like with some of my purple carrots in it :-) xx

  10. Vicky, my first thought when I saw it was that it was Blue John Fluospar, if it is, it's worth a fortune! xxx

  11. The soup sounds delicious. Perfect for wintry weather, too. The Welsh know how to eat, as I found on a trip to Cardiff a couple of years ago.


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