Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Intrepid Geoffrey's .... and A thrifty Tomato ..!

Hello there....
What have you been up to today?

All of a muchness here ... just everyday stuff ..

A little excitement on Tuesday morning ... as we about to leave for work at 5.30 am ....
 just locking the door ... 
Hubby P noticed a little Geoffrey mouse in the birdhouse/feeder.

 Can you see him ?
The intrepid little chap ... he had found his way up the helter skelter rope and was having a good old nosh.

 I hurried Hubby P back indoors to get the camera ... it was still dark ... and raining 'cats and dogs'... but needs must ... I felt we must 'capture the moment' for the dear readers ... 
and I feel sure Hubby P really didn't mind standing in the dark ... in the rain ... camera in hand ... an epic moment!

The brave fearless little Geoffrey didn't seem to care that we were shining torches at him and flashing cameras ...
twas as if he were quite use to all the fuss ... 
like a superstar ..
or as Hubby P said ... rather cruelly I thought ...
" he might just be a bit thick"

Anyway work called so we left him to breakfast in peace.

 So the wind doth blow .... and we shall have snow ..eek!
I hope not .. not yet ...
But we have had lots of leaves ...

 Lovely leaves ... all shapes and sizes ... 
and wonderful autumnal colours.


 Waste not want not ....
T'would be a sin to throw all that goodness in the bin ... 
so I swept them up ..
 put them in a plastic bin bag ...
 tied it up and punched some holes in the bottom. 
I stashed the bag behind the shed .. there to do its magic and turn all those summer worn leaves into glorious leaf mould .. ready to feed back to the soil.
I will keep doing this weekly until the leaves stop coming and I have a pile of bags behind the shed.
It takes no real time and effort ... I would sweep up the leaves anyway .. to stop the paths from being slippy underfoot ... and I shall reaps loads of lovely richness to feed my garden.

Talking of feeding and good food ...
 bargain of the week so far... 

 All these lovely big juicy tomatoes for £1.
They were the last of a box .. and slightly the worse for being the last ... Frying Tomatoes my Gran would call them.
Anyway my friendly greengrocer said take them all for £1.
We haven't had many tomatoes for a while ... I felt they were just too expensive for the poor tasteless quality the supermarkets offered ...
But I thought I would give these a go for tea ... I fried up three between the two of us .. with a rasher each of some rather tasty smoked bacon and some black pudding .. very nice.

And somehow the colour of the tomatoes seemed so cheery and warming this cold damp night.

 Whilst I was at it I made a pot of soup for tomorrow ...
bit of fried onion and a small rasher of the tasty bacon ....chopped small .. the contents of the scraps/leftover jug from the fridge (where I pour all the veg cooking water and any unused cooked veg)... a tomato (of course ! ... still four left) and a chicken oxo.

I threw in a couple of handfuls of nice nutty red lentils ... I have big jars of lentils.. rice .. oats and whatnot just to hand ... they are a nice and good and healthy way of bulking up dishes.

So tomorrow is soup day ... we have another day stood out in the ... erm ..'fresh' air selling .. so soup will be nice to come in to.

Made a bit of soda bread for Hubby P ... its the only way I can get soup down him!

Yes ... it is slightly overdone ... 
Hubby P has been doing a house clearance today and had me stood outside (in the near dark) helping sort boxes and packing the van ready for tomorrow ... so I forgot the bread!
It will be fine with a bit of soup.

So whats your bargain buy ... 
what are you eating up this week?



  1. what beautiful tomatoes and your soup sounds wonderful, our kind of meal.I love what you call the mouse, is that from a children's book?I think your hubby is a real trooper to take a photo in the dark and rain lol!!
    I'm using up all the vegies from the crisper drawer in the refrigerator and made a rice stir fry yesterday and today was a soup with a bit of chicken leftover and the remains of the stir fry, I think house clearing must be really interesting, hard work I know it must be also but what treasures you find, thats the good bit! We have snow now, yuk! 7 more months of it,

  2. Stop showing off with that lovely kettle!!

    No I don't really mean that, it's lovely I would like to see her at least once a week :-)

    Where do you go to sell and what sort of things, sorry, I'm being totally nosey but I'll not be a million miles from you soon and it would be nice to know of a good venue for buying nice things.

  3. I just have to thank you for sharing, your posts are becoming the highlight of my day.

  4. Lentil and bacon soup oh my! just the thing for this time of year. I always add a good dollop of tomato ketchup, sometimes homemade, to my soups. I read that the flavenoids are super dooper for womens health and it gives a little kick in the taste department. Our weather listened to the forecast of strong wind and heavy rain and brought out bright sunshine and a gentle breeze instead.

  5. Geoffrey is indeed a superstar,hubby p's,comment did make me laugh. Lovely toms i could do with some of those cos i want to make some chilli jam.
    Twiggy x

  6. can't beat soup and bread! your soda bread is making my mouth water!
    I was interested that you used the word "nosh". My Welsh Nan used to say that, we would have a "good nosh up", but I have never met anyone else who used the word. Until now of course!

  7. Love the idea of your soup!
    Going to make some leek and potato in a while.
    Aaah, little geoffrey mouse! Bet he can't believe hi/her luck with the hs rope!
    Have a cosy weekend. xx

  8. My bargain this week is four bottles of wine for £10.00 , originally priced at £5.70 per bottle, there was a co-op closing down in one of the towns i visited this week , just got to stop myself from drinking it all in one go else that will be false economy, lol x

  9. There's plenty of tomatoes at my house if anyone is passing!
    Love your kettle.My old man, D. has one similar in his workshop, on his field kitchen, but his has a big dint in it and certainly doesn't sparkle like yours.
    Love your mouse. Do you have a cat perchance?


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