Thursday, 1 August 2013

When A Girls Afraid To Go Near The Courgette Plants ...!

Well hello....
Bit cooler today .. but a more manageable 'working day' heat.
Worked this morning and had a couple of hours catching up with the garden this afternoon ... and what catching up ....
everything had grown like crazy..

 Hubby P decided to dig up the potatoes .. the tops had started to die back.
I was there in my official capacity of adviser/consultant .....
and fetcher of bucket etc.

 This was the first year we had grown potatoes in the tin bathtubs ... it seems to have been a good idea ... we have two bucketfuls of potatoes from a bathtub and a water tank ... don't you just love the technical weights and measures! 

And they tasted lovely ... of course we had some for tea!

Not to waste all that lovely growing space .... I put in some (rather lacy/nibbled ) kale plants ... hopefully they will pick up and give us some greens come the Autumn. 

 How quickly the year seems to be turning ... already the garden is full of plants with their blooms turning to seed heads ...

 Poppies are about to shed their nicely dried seed ... I collect some for sprinkling on bread and the like.

 Allium seed heads ... different varieties.

 This is the seed head of Sweet Ceciley ... wonderful colour amongst the green.

 After some time faffing about with the camera ... and bucketing spuds into the house  ... it was time ... i couldn't put it off any longer ....
time to visit the huge courgette plants and decide what on earth to do with mountains of courgettes.

 Today's haul .. lovely things ... but lots of them.
I looked in the fridge to see what I had lurking in the depths of the veg drawer ... dragged a load of oddments out ... and decided a pasta sauce would use up a few of the courgettes.

 I chopped up some onions... mushrooms ..bit of red pepper ... celery.... tomatoes..and the courgettes ... fried them up a bit in frylight ... added a bit of garlic and herbs.
Put the whole lot in a bigger pan with some tomato puree and soya sauce .. bit of sugar too .. and let it simmer away for a couple of hours.

Till its rich and thick ... and tastes yummy...
 I sterilised some jars and ladled the hot sauce into them ... 
this should keep a good while... and beat the pants of your supermarket pasta sauce.

So ... what have you been up to ? ... anyone else having a glut of the dreaded courgettes ... how many is too many? Whats to be done with them?
Bye for now ... take care xx


  1. Hello lovely.
    Mr Twigs decided to make a pie yesterday. We had some ready made pastry, he rummaged through the fridge and freezer and found onions, celery, courgettes and chicken, cooked it up in a white sauce and made a giant pasty, it was lush and even nicer cold the next day !!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon
    Twiggy xx

  2. I think if one plants courgettes they will have too many, its a given, lol, We call them zucchini here in Canada, I love your garden, its just they way a garden should be, its as cosy as your home, your sauce sounds lovely!!I have been making jam, ( starwberry and raspberry) making pickles, dills, and enjoying the turn to cool weather.We had the warmest few weeks in history here thank goodness its cool again! I enjoy my visits here so much,

  3. your sauce made my mouth water. I like courgettes provencal, a little stew of onions, oregano, garlic, tomatoes and courgettes, topped with a white (or cheese) sauce, popped under the grill.

  4. Well it is mid winter here and would just love some courgettes.

  5. I`ve got plenty courgettes, so I give some to my neighbour friend who also loves them. I left one on the plant to grow big. I shall use it as a marrow later and stuff it with minced lamb, then cook it in a bolognaise like sauce. Looking forward to that!

  6. Hi I found your blog recently and enjoy reading it. I would make a zucchini bread with some of the courgettes (we call them zucchini here in US). Also I make minestrone soup and use a lot of the zucchini in that. I also make a veggie (eggplant and zucchini) parm. You just get an oven proof rectangular dish, put some olive oil on the bottom (or any oil) and then start layering the veggies, switching from mozzarella cheese slices to the veggies and then pour your amazing tomato sauce on top of it all. Sprinkle with some parm cheese and some salt and pepper, and any other herbs you like and bake for about 40 minutes or so on 350 degrees (farenheit). The veggies don't even have to be breaded like in eggplant parm. I just sprinkle some bread crumbs on the slices (if you want to). Hope you have a great day!


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