Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Sleepy ... Wintry Sort Of Day ...

Hello there ....
hope you have all had a nice weekend.

 Its been rather wintry here today ... dull and ever so windy with lashings of rain ...
quite a change from the sunshine we were so getting use to.

Mind you it gave me an excuse  to have a day doing ... well .... not a lot really.
The wind and rain stopped play/we can't stand the car boot sale when its raining ... 
So I had a day indoors ... and didn't do a lot ... to be honest I dozed in the chair ... and very nice it was too.

I had a wander around the garden this afternoon ... I felt I had to have some fresh air.
These believe it or not are the 'sticks' I used to support the peas. They were dead looking trimmings from the Elder tree that I used to make a wigwam .... not only did they support the growing peas they sprouted themselves. I think most of the sticks/twigs had started rooting but I just kept the two most vigorous and planted them up .. so I have two baby Elder trees. They are Cut Leaf Elder trees ... they grow in the hedge and provide the most wonderful elderflowers and berries. 

I so love this colour ... the flowers on my Cardoon.

Hubby P pulled the onions ... not a great crop .. but we will not let them go to waste.

 Some things just love this weather ... my Bears Breeches look just fabulous.

 And we still have the zing of the Marigolds to brighten up the beds.

 Plums are doing well but showing no sign of ripening .... I can't remember what they were called .. it was just a cheapo tree from the market ... its taken to where we planted it (we had out doubts ... it looked a bit sad and weedy)... and its growing great guns.

The Rowen tree (Mountain Ash) reminds me of my childhood home ... up on the Lancashire moors conditions are harsh .. winters long and the Rowen was one of the few trees that grew well and gave us fruits for jellies.
It was one of the first trees I planted in the garden ... to remind me of home ..... today it looked like it could be right up there .. on a Lancashire hillside... as the wind tore through its branches and its fruit glistened all the more in the lashing rain. 

Take care 
 Bye for now xx


  1. I love the Rowan tree, and I have never heard of Bears Breeches, love that!!!

  2. The weather up here has been exactly the same today. I got on with the decorating while poorly Twiglet lay on the sofa all day :(

    Now then we are in your neck of the woods the week after next, do you fancy a visit ? I'll try and find your email address!!

    Keep cosy
    Twiggy x

  3. My plums aren't ripening either.
    I have never heard the plant called Bears Breeches before but I love the name!

  4. I'd love to just wander around your garden exploring all the nooks and crannies it always looks so inviting with things tucked away in little corners :)
    An indoor day for us too today, cool wet and miserable most of the day but I had friends visiting a while so that brightened up the day.

  5. I have wanted an elder tree for the longest time and know that there are some at the park, I will just take a little cutting and have a go at it.

    Thank you,

  6. I have Elder in my garden but no Rowan, I wonder if a cutting would take like Elder, I will have to take a couple next time I walk past the wild ones.

  7. The rowen is one of my favourite trees.
    Love from Mum


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