Sunday, 30 June 2013

Life Has Been a Little Sad .... A Little Hectic .....

I thought it time I caught up with you all .... life has been a bit hectic ... and quite sad.

You know we lost our dear old sheepdog Fly ... well not eight days later we lost our other dog Uncas from liver cancer ... it was a big shock ... a sudden flare up of the disease ...he was very unwell and we had to do the kindest thing.... not easy and very sad. 

Quite traumatic for the veterinary nurse ... a sweet young girl ... having to deal with two grown men .... Hubby P and Richard ... in floods of tears .... it was so very sad.

As you can imagine we were/are still reeling from this and the house seems so very quiet.

But as they say ... life goes on and we can sit in the garden and remember the good times we had with the dogs ... hopefully they are at peace and romping around together in the evergreen garden off doggy heaven.

 My little herby container garden is doing well ... we are eating lots of salad-y things from it.

 These lovely white Foxgloves surprised me ... I must have put them in last year and promptly forgot all about them.

 So very pretty.

 ... and isn't this a sight to behold ... this lovely fern .. asleep all winter ... tucked up in its old mossy log .... reaching for the sun ... uncurling its blades of fresh zingy green.

 The joys of having a mature garden ... scraps of plants growing from the tiniest of cracks in the stone.... unbidden yet just perfect.

I am so pleased with this ... its what I know as Fox and Hounds ... a wild flower... or weed ... however you view it. I have been trying for years to introduce it into the garden ... its not a wildflower that grows around here ... I think it prefers a dryer sandier soil.
But low and behold I looked out of the kitchen window yesterday and its vibrant orangeness stood out among the green ....

.... its the little things isn't it! 

Another garden rebel preferring to squeeze themselves between the cracks .. rather than grace the beds.

The poppies are many and varied in colour ... I love the Poppies.

 And how is your fruit coming along?.... the bushes are laden ... just hope the birds leave some for us.

 And ... exciting ... my new baby Plum tree has some plums.

 Beans are getting going ... I'm looking forward to some fresh runner beans ... I wont buy the ones they have flown thousands of miles ... I will wait and enjoy my own seasonal produce.

 Who doesn't love a rose or two ... a garden must have.

 Of course the cat ... 'Puddycat'  Hubby P calls her queening it now there are no dogs to take our attention from her ...and she gets away with far too much sassy behaviour ... but them Hubby P is such a softie with her.

And just a little something .. other than plants ... do you like my chair .. its old and battered but just so comfy ... and in just the right spot to watch the birds.

So ..... how does your garden grow? 
Be nice to hear from you ... I'm trying to catch up with everyones blog posts.


  1. I am SO sorry to hear that you have lost both of your dogs. It is so sad and I am sure it makes the house very quiet without them.
    Your garden is beautiful! I love your typically Welsh slate-edged beds...I think the "volunteer" flowers are the best of all, as they are so determined to grow!
    Take care and glad you are back...

  2. I am also sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs. My sister lost hers this month too and she is just trying to forget this June.
    I love your flowers and gardens.
    I am constantly trying here to pretty up this place with flowers and plants too. While it is mostly fun, it is also very challenging. We are on a riverbed and I need a truck load of dirt as the rocks are only 4 o5 inches down.

  3. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dogs. To lose one is bad enough but both in a short time must be terrible.

    I have just taken my two cats to the cattery as I am going away tomorrow for a couple of days and the house seems deserted.

    Love the Fox and Hounds - never heard of it before.

  4. So sorry Victoria.

    Love Claire xx

  5. Such a sad time for you, sorry to hear the news about the dogs x

  6. My garden's not done too well this year. My raised beds are a disaster - but the flowery bits seem to be doing quite well by themselves.

    I'm sorry about your dogs. We lost our darling cat Barney last week to heart failure (brought on by a kidney infection). They leave a huge gap in your life, don't they?

  7. Sorry to hear about your dogs :(

    Your garden is looking lovely

  8. Very sad to hear you lost your other dog.Your garden looks beautiful, I love the old (tin?)baths and buckets.I was very interested to see the fox and hounds flower. I have seen it in unmowed lawns around here and it is such a wonderful orangy red colour. I'm sorely tempted to dig a bit up!

  9. I'm so glad to hear from you, I have been worried, I kept checking back, I'm so sorry to hear of the death of your two four legged friends but they will have each other, your garden is amazing, I love every nook and cranny!

  10. I was sad to read that you lost dear Uncas. I lost my old girl on May, so I understand how awful you must be feeling.
    I'm sure they are taking care of one another somewhere.
    I did enjoy seeing your garden, it looks very pretty and wonderful for the bees.

  11. Hugs from me to you today.
    Love from Mum

  12. So sorry to hear about your loss. It's so hard :(
    Your garden is looking beautiful, good for keeping you busy! x

  13. Your dear dogs must be sadly missed. Thinking of you and your family.

    It`s almost a year since we lost our lovely old Border Collie and his "brother" is getting older and more frail by the day.

    Your garden looks so beautiful.

  14. Lovely garden pictures (as ever from your good self)
    I only bother with beans grown myself and in season too. That first boiling is the BEST!

  15. Sorry to hear your sad news Vicky :(
    Your garden looks great.
    We are spending the last week in August on your lovely island,so give me a shout if you fancy a visit !!
    Love to you all
    Twiggy xx

  16. oh bless you that is just the most heartbreaking thing when you lose a pet - but to lose two is very sad indeed. You have a lovely garden and I hope you are taking lots of comfort from all your blogger comments. Hugs xxx

  17. So sorry to hear.that you lost your lovely Uncas so unexpectedly, very sad read. It's amazing how much pets touch our lives and fill our hearts, devastating when we lose them but at least we have the privilege of having them be part of our lives. Hugs xx

  18. Sorry about your dogs. I have experienced the same with cats, but never had a dog.

    Your photos look lovely, love the foxgloves, mine didn't grow! I think I may have dug them up accidentally with a garden cull!

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about Uncas, it's always so hard to lose animal friends:-( and to lose two in such a short time must be doubly heart breaking.
    i love foxgloves, but have no white ones at the moment. Must look for some or buy some seed.
    Oddny x

  20. I'm so sorry to hear about Uncas, it's always so hard to lose animal friends:-( and to lose two in such a short time must be doubly heart breaking.
    i love foxgloves, but have no white ones at the moment. Must look for some or buy some seed.
    Oddny x

  21. Good to see your blog again. I am so very sorry about your loss. I can certainly relate to the sadness. It stays for a long time, until maybe another comes along and eases the heart just a little. There are so many many in need of good homes. My garden is doing well, even with the heat. Trouble is so much to do out there and too hot for me. Supposed to cool off but naturally its going to rain.


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